Oh Seville, you really do know how to surprise me. Take this for instant.



Yes, it’s a sex shop all compressed within a Vending Machine. Now you’re probably thinking why I actually went there. Well, after jumping off the bus from Cordoba into Seville,it was late in the day when we dumped our bags at the Living Room Hostel. The restaurants weren’t open yet but I was pretty darn hungry. The cookie monster arises. Walking through the Castle of the Christian Monarchs earlier in the day definitely made me hungry. So as I passed a shop selling all things vended on the street close by in Seville, I spied an opportunity to grab a quick snack to fill my ever bulging tummy and lo and behold, my mouth dropped open in disbelief. Seville does this?! This would not be the first time this city would surprise me.

So later on after exploring the city slightly (post about the city to come), the establishments have opened therefore it’s time to grab some dinner or Tapas in my case. I’m still yet to decide if I love or hate them but I’m hungry goddammit. Reccommended by the hostel owner, we went to Taberna Coloniales and my god, we were joined unexpectantly by a prestigious guest. Settling into our seats with Two Bad Tourists, Auston’s mouth dropped open as he stared behind me and I followed his gaze so that my mouth dropped open. I was surprised once again.



It’s President Obama as a Matador joining us for Tapas! Who would say that?! Okay, oKay, he wasn’t there in person but you can’t deny it.

Continuing on, we ordered platefuls after platefuls of Tapas and this is what we had and it was yumminness.





Myself? I couldn’t stop staring at our guest. It was just so surprising! In the great establishment filled with high rising pots, I just felt at ease and engorged. Not two adjectives I would have put together, I tell ya!



As we finished our tapas, we were in the mood for a night out. So we went looking. And the streets of Seville was deserted. Where are all the party people?! People to appreciate my fine figure and my ever so handsome face. (I know, I keep getting told this by many people much to my very weak protests) Resigning ourselves after having a beer in an empty bar and knowing its a Tuesday at midnight, we all went back to the hostel to get some well earned sleep for the day ahead only to be faced with the entire hostel getting ready to go out. The hostel owner told us that the night was already young. What? At 1am?! Giving a dog look to David’s agreeable face and the disappearing of Auston’s back as he headed to bed, David and I knew that we needed to look social (really?) and go with the crowd like sheep. Finding a ram packed street of foreigners in the same position as us wondering where the heck were the Spaniards, needless to say we all had a good time getting to know each other and finding out all things European and American. It was a blast. And so surprising .



What did you think of the nightlife in Seville?

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