It seems that many travel bloggers and backpackers are heading to the mysterious continent of Africa in their quest to fulfil their dreams of living the African life. A major part of that African life is the Safari. Many countries, particularly in Southern and East Africa, offer this amazing experience on their natural reserves and Botswana is becoming the must be destination particularly if you want to spot a huge variety on their deltas alongside the big 5. I invited a colleague of mine, Matt, to explain more. 


If you want to see the best wilderness and some of Africa’s most exotic and stimulating wildlife areas then you’ll need to head off to Botswana.  Botswana has become a haven for safari as almost 40% of Botswana is set aside for wildlife.  Compared to the rest of the African continent Botswana makes up a small land mass with a population of just 2 million but has continually focused on providing the finest possible wildlife experiences.

Mirus journeys offer a Botswana safari that is a unique travel experience, offering a chance to see stunning wildlife close up.  They provide accommodation facilities that ensure you experience the culture of the area and see some unforgettable sights.  Here we take a look at some of the most desirable camps you can use as a base to explore this extraordinary land.


Abu Camp 

An extraordinary camp that offers unique wildlife experiences.  The accommodation comprises of 6 stunningly designed canvas constructions with ensuite facilities and sensational views.  What makes this place exceptionally unique is its resident herd of eight African Elephants.  Guests are encouraged to immerse themselves and interact with the resident elephants.

Many people who leave this camp complain of feeling quite emotionally attached to the elephants.  The camp offers a unique elephant educational safari that actively encourages you to get involved with the elephants from their day to day life.


Little Mombo Camp

Plonking you right in the heart of Botswana’s best area for big cat viewing.  Located at the top of Chiefs Island, where nutrient enriched floodwaters arrive from their 1000km journey, you’ll also be exposed to beautiful birdlife and a variety of game animals.

Little Mombo is one of Botswana’s intimate camps, encompassing huge luxurious tented guest rooms up to 2 metres off the ground and offers Big Game Safari at its ultimate best.  Guests are exposed to Africa’s most common predators as they stake out the plethora of game animals following the nutrient enriched floodwaters.


Little Vumbura Camp

Located within a remote private 130,000 acre wilderness of the Okavanga Delta, in the remote far northern reaches.  You’ll arrive by boat to one of the most romantic and beautiful camps in Botswana and stay in a beautiful six-roomed tented camp shaded by an ancient Delta forest.

The camp is surrounded by water and guests experience many water based activities on the Okavanga waterways.  Short boat trips take guests to vast savannah areas where there is an abundance of leopard, elephant, lion and elephant adding to an all-round excellent wildlife experience.


Safaris through Mirus Journeys offer a once in a lifetime experience that can be fully tailored to meet your specific taste.