With Summer Holidays finally reaching us, this guest post takes a look at one of the understated countries in Europe. Malta. And also, it’s Summer, what DO you NEED to bring?


Whether you’re heading to Florida, Marbella, Cyprus or Malta, packing for your annual getaway can easily become stressful and result in you bringing every item of clothing that you own.


So if you’re struggling to choose between a new jumper and a spare pair of shoes and your case is full to breaking point, take a minute to make sure you’ve packed these essentials for your week in the Maltese sun.





Visitors from the EU and most western countries don’t need a visa to travel to Malta, but if you’re from outside of the EU, it’s always best to check before you travel.


If you’re planning on hiring a car during your break, remember to bring both parts of your driving licence with you. Most car hire companies will also require the driver to have a credit card in order to leave a deposit for the vehicle. Last but not least, make sure that you take out adequate insurance before you depart, bringing all relevant paperwork and policy numbers with you.




Just like if you were travelling to New York, Thailand or Paphos, your holiday will be greatly enhanced with the help of a good guidebook.


Look out for recently published editions in order to get the most up to date information. Books with built in maps and language phrases can be incredibly helpful if you happen to get lost or need to make yourself understood.


Swimming Costume


With some of the warmest seas and sunniest days in Europe, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be tempted in for a dip during your Maltese holiday, so packing your swimming costume is a must.


The beaches around Malta offer a great variety of landscapes and characters, ranging from secluded and quiet to lively and family-friendly.


As it is likely to be sunny during your holiday, sun cream is another essential not to be forgotten and you may even find yourself drawing parallels with holidays in Madeira. Whilst these two locations may not be particularly close, they offer similar beachside attractions, which make it vital that you consider what you need to pack.




With over 7000 years of history and a charm all of its own, photo opportunities are more than plentiful at Malta. Make sure you bring your camera, charger and plenty of memory, so you can make friends and family jealous when you get home.


As a destination for families, couples and individual travellers, Malta is ideal. So force that zip shut, lug your bags into the taxi and get going!