As Summer is in full swing here in Europe, it got me thinking. Using the immortal words from Game of Thrones, I have to know that ‘Winter is Coming.’ Or maybe in better words, 2014 will be upon me before I know it and I actually haven’t got anything planned then. My summer sojourns into Europe his year is almost over after visiting Spain, Portugal and Germany (don’t worry, I’m still blogging about my trips there), and perhaps a few more brief breaks onto the Continent. So I do have to think about my next ‘Big Trip’ after going to South America last winter so this time I’ve decided I would like to go a teeny bit north than that to the aptly named North America. And where would I start? No, it’s not the sunny climes of West Coast of USA, or the blizzards of Canada, or even the prairies of Central USA but rather the East Coast of USA. Winter is indeed coming and I’ve read, heard and talked about how the East Coast of USA is best travelled during the Fall or even Winter. So where would I go? I haven’t researched the best place, deals or gone into depth where I should be going but only do I follow the gut instinct that comes when I read a name that actually, makes me want to go there. So where? Here are the 3 places I instinctively want to go, starting with Florida.




It’s a huge state but one that has many, many activities and yet retains the warmer weather seen on the East Coast. Starting with Miami, of course, to check out the beaches there and maybe do day trips to the Keys,I’ll get cracking with my trip to Tampa to see the lovely Busch Gardens with FloridaTix followed by Orlando where the capital of all media magic happens there – Universal and indeed Walt Disney World. Call me sad but I really want to get a photo with all the sexy heroines there – Cinders, Snow White, Ariel and I couldn’t forget my favourite, Goofy. It’s really that simple to travel around Florida, I guess I’ll use my Map of Floridaand I’m sorted.


Washington, DC

The capital of USA. So that means a wave hello to the President at his White House along with many, many museums to explore throughout the state capital. Bring me to the Smithsonian, Memorials such as Lincoln, and many more. I absolutely love history and culture and I don’t think you can find a place in America to be educated in that.


New York

Ah, the quintessential American visit. Everyone goes to New York or wants to go to New York. And that includes me. I think it would absolutely perfect if I could be there for New Year’s Eve. Just imagine the roar and anticipation in Times Square. Other than that, perhaps I’ll climb inside the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, or even chill out in Central Park or grab a coffee in Central Perk.. (I know it’s not real!). But there are absolutely hundreds of things to do and I look forward to exploring this skyscraper sea of a city.


So what do you think? Are there any other places on the East Coast of USA I should be visiting?

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