Continuing the theme of travelling in Europe this summer, I invited my many readers to submit an article why they should be travelling in Europe. I received one who thinks that Europe should be rivals against the rest of the world in travelling. What do you think?

Europe Map

Wouldn’t this be cool if we saw this from the sky?

One of the blessings of living in Europe is that we have our pick of the world’s premier holiday destinations so close to home. Just a few hours aboard a plane can land us in an exotic destination with a climate completely different to the one we’re used to.


While there’s a lot to celebrate about Europe, it’s important to bear in mind that there’s also a great deal more to be found beyond its borders. From Florida and Mexico across the Atlantic to the charms of the Far East, there’s a whole host of opportunities out there to choose from. The question is: which one should you go with?


Europe’s best


Europe is capable of offering truly romantic cities, great skiing in the Alps, and world-class beaches. Whatever you’re after, you should be able to find it somewhere on the continent.


One of the most interesting destinations in Europe is Turkey – a location which not only satisfies all the usual criteria but which also offers a taste of holiday destinations that lie further to the East. The history and culture of Istanbul is perfectly complemented by the stunning beaches of the Mediterranean Coast.


For something a little more traditional, speak to Club Med about Italy and its many delights. Again, the country is able to offer you a perfect balance of history, culture, and stunning coastlines.


The rest of the world in a nutshell


There may be plenty of beaches in Europe, and they may be among the best in the world, but if you’re after something truly exotic, you would do well to look further afield. The Maldives and the Bahamas are two idyllic choices which are able to offer the kind of postcard paradise you’d struggle to find anywhere else.


If what you relish on a holiday is culture and you’re looking for something a little further from home, heading to the East is the obvious choice. From China and Japan to the breathtaking coastline of Thailand, Asia offers you the chance to interact with an entirely new culture within stunning natural scenery.


Another great dose of culture lies in the gigantic continent of Africa. While the North Coast of Africa is well-known to tourists, and not without good reason, there are a number of gems elsewhere. Senegal, for example, has a rich culture and is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.