As I’m currently looking for a job that really involves travelling, I guess I will have to start thinking about becoming a Business Traveller. What do I need? What do I do? This guest post explains:


Many companies own offices around the world and this usually entitles their employees to travel as part of their work. Workers may be asked to embark on a training course elsewhere or meet a client overseas; whatever the trip entails it is important to remember a few business essentials when it comes to packing.

Business Travellers

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Data Backup

When travelling away on a business trip, it’s important to remember that you may not always have access to Wi-Fi, your laptop or a projector. If you’re planning on staging a presentation to clients, it’s always wise to have a back-up.


Investing in a portable memory device or having a printout at hand is a must. This way, if your power-point presentation fails you’ll still be able to offer an in-depth sales pitch that isn’t short of information. You may also want to print summary sheets of your key facts to distribute to those receiving your pitch. A visual aid helps them engage with what you’re saying and can help them keep track of key figures.


World SIM

Phone calls can be expensive when overseas but eliminating all contact with your office back home is never an option. With this in mind, it’s wise to pack a SIM card that works abroad as this will allow you to avoid any expensive charges.


Boarding Pass

A boarding pass is imperative to travel and although you may have a virtual version on your phone, it’s always wise to have a paper backup. If you were to suddenly lose your phone or it was to run out of power, you may be asked to pay for the printout of a new ticket there and then.


Travel Insurance

If you’re not covered with your company, you’ll have to invest in your own business travel insurance. If you make a lot of business trips throughout the year, it may be wise to invest in an annual policy which won’t ask you to pay out each time you go away.


Always remember to pack the details of this policy, such as important contact details and your own unique policy number, when travelling. You’ll need to quote this information in the event that you make a claim.


Alarm Clock

If you have several early business meetings to attend whilst away, it’s wise to invest in a travel alarm clock. You may use alarm functions on your phone but sometimes a good old-fashioned back-up is what you need for peace of mind.


Business Attire

Business trips are ultimately professional outings so don’t forget to take your suit away with you. It’s also wise to pack a spare shirt and check if your hotel has an iron beforehand. Looking smart is imperative if you have an important meeting to attend so it’s vital that you don’t take any chances.

Business Travellers