If you haven’t seen on my Facebook page or my twitter feed (if you haven’t, sign up now! Pretty please) for most of August this year, you will have seen my enticing updates that RexyEdventures was in the throes of a relaunch. Not just any relaunch, mind, but a #RexyRelaunch. It’s a relaunch with rainbows, leprechauns, unicorns and all that happiness. I’m just getting ahead of myself aren’t I?


Why did I do a #RexyRelaunch?

After the huge success of my 2012 Travels through SE Asia, Australasia and the South Pacific culminating with a fantastic time in South America, my blog, as it was then described, reached new heights on a regular basis. So much so that guest posters, advertisers and even major brands in the travel industry really wanted to get involved and partner with me. I have to say that I’m pretty impressed by the feedback that I’ve got given back (I know I’m being modest.)

But it wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted to be bigger and better than ever before. I know you think I am perfect but actually, under this gorgeous exterior, I did indeed think RexyEdventures needed to become more informative and guide based. It was due to many readers contacting me to help them with their travel plans that I started to think my long years’ experience in travelling, both budget and luxury, could benefit those who, with trepidation, wanted to plan their trips.

Also, in order to develop a business, I needed to make my blog into a magazine style website for prospective partnerships and advertisers to easily feel comfortable about promoting their businesses on my website. It’s all about the monetisation of my website for me.

So with those in mind, I knew I wanted to transform my blog into a fully-fledged and easily accessible website with guides, advice, reviews, and articles and of course, the blog aspect that will be continued. I’m still travelling as well!

Therein entered the #RexyRelaunch.


What’s New in the #RexyRelaunch?

I’m very excited to share with you what’s now available or about to be available in this awesome website (if I may think so myself).

1)      Homepage – The homepage should be the first port of call for everything you need. Rather than just a series of blog posts and a couple of side bar widgets, I can show you the best of RexyEdventures for you to browse whether they are recent posts, videos, popular posts, posts for different categories, twitter, and lots more. They include the following below:

2)      Blog – Rather than the grid system of yore, this blog page has been moved into a separate page from my homepage into a blog style format for easily reading. The font and the writing have become much better to read and each blog post has been de-categorized and assigned under different tags for easier navigation.

3)      Travel Articles – With a functioning slideshow at the top showing the latest travel articles published on RexyEdventures, there are different categories for each post I identified should and will be an article rather than a simple blog post. With this format, you can now easily access a particular topic to help with your planning or inspiration in the world of travel. The topics are British Backpacking, Budget Travel, Destination, Editorial, Goofy Travel, Live Like A Londoner, Reviews, Travel Planning, Travel Essentials, Rexy Inspiration and Rexy Videos. Check them out if your interest is piqued. Meanwhile, watch this space for more topics to come that will include Food and Drink, Luxury Travel and The Bucket List.

4)      Destination – Probably the one I’m most excited about. In here will be a one page guide for each single destination I personally have visited. They have the Rexy Stamp of approval and you know I will not tell you wrong about a place I have visited. It’s still being compiled but keep checking out my Facebook and twitter feeds for any destination updates. (come on, I told you to sign up).

5)      Deafness – It goes without saying I can’t have a travel website without explaining my deafness, which is a huge part of my life. It affects everything I do including travelling. Already in here is an interview with me and my highly acclaimed ‘Cochlear Implant Journey’ article. Soon, posts and articles about my deafness will feature in here.

6)      Rexy Pics – Continuing with my Funky Friday Foto that will be found here, alongside with an instagram gallery and a normal gallery, this will definitely be an image intensive section. But keep your eyes peeled soon, for I will be giving you advice on ‘iPhoneography.’

7)      Blogger Life – Being a travel blogger has become to define partly who I am. So, of course, I will be sharing with you what’s it like to be a travel blogger including about the travel bloggers I meet, the blogging events I attend, the mentions I received in other publications and of course, my highly sought after interviews with travel bloggers continuing with ‘Who’s THAT Travel Blogger.’

8)      Campaigns – Since coming back from South America, I felt like I missed out on sharing with you in real time what I was experiencing. But thanks to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (come on this is my third time to tell you to sign up to my pages), I can create a dedicated page with all of my updates, which you can follow at the same time while I’m at a place. In here, I have provided you with an example of my favourite campaign that was #RexyinSpain. Keep watching for my London campaign.

9)      About Moi – who doesn’t want to know about the man behind RexyEdventures? Find out what makes me tick and also find out where and when I have been travelling.

So there you have it! I’m sure, you will enjoy the #RexyRelaunch and please, do give me feedback on this and what you think could be included in this, what I think, the best website of all time.

Time to get cracking and show you what you are missing out on!