I hope you are still enjoying the new look of my website thanks to the #RexyRelaunch!

One thing I’m so excited to introduce to you is my Rexy Videos! In 2013, a marked increase in Vlogging (Video Logging) has seen travel bloggers embracing (or hesitantly) get in front of the camera and show you their destination of choice. I attempted to kick my vlogging off in January this year, trying out different kinds of presenting techniques. Some failed, some were extremely funny (I still love my ‘Snow Says No!’ Trailer) and some were nearly just right. I knew something was missing and my vlogs sometimes felt jumbled. So, after researching different travel bloggers’ techniques, I think I found my style. However, one thing is still left to do.
Rexy Videos

My Voice.

You can say that I don’t have the natural voice for film and I have been told that my voice can be quiet sometimes. It’s not my fault, I think when I speak up, I’m literally shouting. But that’s not the case. Well, I practiced being in front of the camera and try to find my ‘voice’…with hilarious consequences. After an hour of speaking, I looked back at the result and, really, I needed to share with you how such an effort it is to be a presenter. No longer I will bitch and moan about travel presenters on TV who seems to have it easy travelling around the world and just talking. Really, they literally have one of the hardest jobs ever!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my Rexy Voice Out-takes:


But keeping watching my youtube channel, it’s about to go underneath a #RexyRelaunch! See you soon 🙂