Just because I had my #RexyRelaunch doesn’t mean that I have totally forgotten about my European focus this year. Let’s swing back to Greece or more specifically Kavos, Corfu as the summer turns to Autumn. Do you still want to get that last-minute sun before the dreaded winter returns? Take some inspiration and jet off to culture where you think you’ll never find it…Kat Prescott writes…

Just hearing the word Kavos conjures up images of bars, clubs, fun and young people letting their hair down in the sunshine. However, there’s more to Kavos than meets the eye and if you’re heading to Corfu’s party town this summer, here are five things you may not know about your destination.


Flickr Photo by ollyjord

1. There’s Culture In Corfu

Corfu has been bound up with the history of Greece for thousands of years and is packed full of interesting historical sites as a consequence. If you’re interested in the culture of the island, one of the easiest places to visit is Corfu’s old town, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Regular buses link Kavos with the old town and its winding streets, fascinating museums and ancient fortifications are well worth a visit.


2. It Is Home To Less Than 1,000 People

It may not feel like it while you’re fighting your way through the crowds to get to the bar, but Kavos is actually home to only 923 permanent residents. So, an out of season visit will be a very different experience to the summer party destination.


3. You Can Visit Albania

Corfu is Greece’s most northerly island and in some places, it’s just a few kilometres from the Albanian coastline. If you want to visit this previously isolated part of Europe, regular ferries leave from Corfu town for the Albanian port of Saranda, where you can spend a day wandering round this Mediterranean mystery.


4. You Might Get Wet

As Greece’s northernmost island, Corfu is also the wettest, so if you visit outside of the main holiday months, there’s a good chance you might need an umbrella! Nevertheless, this slightly cooler climate can actually make Corfu the perfect summer destination, as the sea breeze keeps temperatures at a comfortable level throughout the main party months.


5. There’s More To Do Than Partying

Though the purpose of most cheap holidays to Kavos is to have a good time in the resort’s bars and clubs, there’s lots of other entertainment to be had if you’re interested. Water sports, hikes and even horse riding can all be found nearby, so you can have just as much fun during the day as you can at night.


Kavos is a truly legendary holiday destination and one that has a lot more to offer than first meets the eye. If you’re heading to Corfu this summer, take a day out to explore and see what else the island has in store for you.


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