If you have been following my Facebook page (if you haven’t, join now!) you will have seen that I’m living in London and working for an online travel resource website called MyDestination as their Online Copywriter Intern! They are a global travel resource powered by a community of local experts providing unrivalled local knowledge and deals in six continents, 49 countries, 97 destinations and growing. Not bad eh?

This is a great way to boost my travel writing and editing portfolio in my world domination plans to become the best Travel Editor for a well-established travel magazine (Lonely Planet – hint hint).

So what do I do at MyDestination? My Intern responsibilities is to create ‘profiles‘ of places around the globe such as Chiang Mai, Mexico City, Chicago and Trinidad and Tobago. These profiles are normally accommodation, things to do, restaurants, bars, nightlife and yes, even weddings!  It’s a great way finding out what to do in that destination (call me the next wedding planner) and more than often, I stumble across various activities I feel like I’ve missed out when I was there! Other responsibilities are to create travel blog posts, travel articles for franchisees around the world and look after the My Destination London Franchisee Social Media account on Twitter.

It has been a brilliant experience working for a travel resource magazine but I think the best reason about working for MyDestination is its staff. Namely, the other interns. Some are fresh out of university, some have some experience already travelling and even some haven’t even started travelling! Over the last two months, I’ve got to know them well and more than often at lunchtime and discreetly during work time, we would talk about our true passion – travel. And our next passion – blogging. Yes, some of them even have travel blogs either just starting or already well-established. Check these cool guys out on their blogs:



























I’ve already worked two months into my three-month contract and it has truly flown by. Getting used to travelling on the London Underground Tube at rush hour has certainly been an experience and meeting the cracking characters that pop up when you least expect it like the Spanish Inquisition a la Monty Python can be utterly hilarious.

So what next? I’ve still got one more month of my contract to fulfill culminating with a week at the World Travel Market 2013 also in London. Afterwards, I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing. But if I cannot find a travel related job by then, it means back home to Yorkshire.

But for now, it’s back to copy writing profiles for Mexico City…those Mexican wedding vacations aren’t going to get themselves sorted out, aren’t they? But have no fear, I’ll be on my travels sooner than you expect. Do you need a clue? Let me just order a pint of Guinness…

If you would like to know what I have written for MyDestination, check these bad boy posts out:

Goat Racing in Tanzania

Imagine the atmosphere at the Royal Ascot Races in Britain – people dressed in their best clothes, women in their big colourful hats, and everyone tensed for the race to start, cocktail in one hand and the bet in another. The bugle is sounded and out bursting from the pens are…goats?

Bemused, the people cheer on the band of goats merrily trotting away around the ring, urged by their respective owners behind them who cajole them to be the fastest. Their numbers emblazoned on the bibs on their back is mixed with the layer of dust thrown from their stampeding hooves.

This is not a normal official race to be seen around the world. It’s a very locally unique one. This is the Annual Goat Races…(click here to read more)

The Scariest Cave in the World

“Kong Lo Cave, Laos, in South East Asia is reputed to be the scariest cave in the world,” I read aloud with a snort of derision. Looking up at the entrance looming above us, my friends and I wondered if it was worth travelling all this way from Vang Vieng. We were smelly, dirty, stuck on an overly packed bus, and we had just finished a homestay with a traditional Laos family who insisted on feeding us mysterious animal entrails. We weren’t feeling great…(Click here to read more)

Getting To The Heart

“Eat here,”  said the Vietnamese Snake Village elder, pointing at a live beating heart that throbbed quickly. He was pointing at the heart still beating within a snake’s body.

I simply looked at him in disbelief as he jabbed his finger at the heart again. I decided it was probably best to do it before the stunned snake woke up, enraged, to find his chest had been spliced open to reveal his pulsating heart.

“Welcome to the bizarreness that is Hanoi, Vietnam!” I muttered before my teeth closed around the heart and pulled. Feeling the warm blood fill my mouth, I swallowed the heart, and then gagged…(Click here to read more)

How to Live Like a Local in Paraty, Brazil

Recently, Brazil has hit travel headlines thanks to the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. Rio de Janiero, Sao Paolo and Salvador will greet tourists from every international corner of the world with genuine and loud enthusiasm.

However, many international visitors overlook the Portuguese colonial town of Paraty (nicknamed Parati), just 236 kilometres away from Rio de Janiero.

Here, you will find the local way of life preserved on Paraty’s cobblestone streets that hug the Costa Verde (Green Coast). This stretch of land has been nominated as an UNESCO World Heritage site, and is filled with rustic charm that you won’t find elsewhere in the world…(Click here to read more)

The Fall of My Life

Breathing deeply, eyes wide shut; I tried to psych myself up amidst the rap music blaring through the rickety bus as it trundled up the side of the valley that the River Nevis coursed through. I’ve since heard it was a gorgeous scenic drive but I guess I was too busy frantically thinking:-

‘What the heck am I doing?’ to notice.

Shooting my eyes open, I saw the cable car: – a speck in the distance. The realisation sunk in that I was about to do a bungee jump. Never-mind just a bungee jump, but the highest bungee jump in Australasia: – 134m to be precise. It was the dreaded Nevis Bungee Jump in Queenstown, New Zealand, that had every backpacker break into a sweat just thinking about it. I was already drenched…(Click here to read more)

The Dark Side of Dorm Rooms

From a blinding light and the sound of whoops and crashing, I was jarred awake in confusion. Glancing at my alarm clock, it was 4am and remembered that I was staying in a hostel dorm. Lifting my head up and squinting, I saw that my fellow dorm mates had arrived in a drunken stupor. I fell back on the pillow with a sigh and gave a curt cough to let the arrivals know that there were other people in the room. I thought to myself: turn the light out please and be quiet! I had a 7am start  and I really, really needed my beauty sleep…(Click here to read more)


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