During my time in London working as a MyDestination Intern, I soon grew to realise food festivals are the norm in everyday Londoner life. In fact, you cannot move for Food Festivals!

Given the opportunity to write an article for Eating London Tours about a well-established yet unique food festival in up and coming Shoreditch, I jumped at it heavily salivating like a rabid pit bull terrier. If there’s food then there’s no getting between us.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you an excerpt of my article on the Urban Food Festival. If you want to read the full please click on ‘more’ and you’ll be enticed!


“I’m going in,” I informed my London friends, and pumped up my shoulders to barge my way through the salivating crowd in front of me. Before I could go Rambo style on the older woman blocking my path, my ears pricked at a seller yelling from his stall, “Scotchtails!” I stopped, confused, as my mind broke under the din from my stomach yelling “FOOD!”

I am at the Urban Food Festival at Shoreditch, London in the middle of the evening on a Saturday. I should be out socialising and treating unsuspecting victims to my cheesy chat up lines, but no; I dragged my friends to this event instead…


Click here to read the full article…


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