I have worked with MyDestination for nearly three months now and since we have started on various new projects, I’ve been unable to churn out as much articles and blog posts as I would have liked. However, I did an article that challenged me a hell of a lot. It was all about sightseeing Melbourne on the saddle of a bicycle.

I must confess, I’m not a keen cyclist and yet even though I have been to Melbourne, I was still at a loss how I could properly start this piece. But thanks to the MyDestination Melbourne Franchisee, I was able to do this and I must say, I’m pretty proud of this article. Here goes.


Sightseeing Melbourne By Pedal

Forget the historic trams that trundle across the capital of the State of Victoria ferrying wide-eyed tourists and irritated commuters. Value your personal space and see the hidden sights of Melbourne the local way, by pedal. Armed with a hired pushbike from one of Melbourne’s busy bike shops, set your sights east and follow the city’s most natural feature – the Yarra River.

Measured at approximately 40 kilometres, the Main Yarra Trail starts from the Docklands in Port Melbourne and ends at Templestowe where the trail splits off leading to Eltham or Ringwood. This bike trail set with a difficulty rating of  ‘easy’ can be accessed by everyone on surfaces that have a mixture of concrete, bitumen, gravel and boardwalk. Fantastic scenery to be enjoyed on the Main Yarra Trail includes spectacular river views, gorgeous open grassland and the promise of kangaroos in native bush dotted along the trail. However, the Main Yarra Trail has plenty of sightseeing opportunities on offer that you absolutely cannot miss.

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