During my #TBEX Dublin week, I had the great fortune to be invited on the ‘Wild Wicklow‘ Tour out of Dublin to see more of Ireland. County Wicklow (South of County Dublin) is reputed to be one if the most beautiful areas in the Republic of Ireland thanks to its stunning views from their ‘mountains’, grandiose swerving valleys carved by glaciers in the Ice Age and its rich peat bogs that preserve hidden treasures from the Neolithic and Celtic Ages.

The culmination of the ‘Wild Wicklow’ Tour was the majestic Lake Glendalough, deep in the county and truly the dazzling pearl of the beholder’s eye. The calmness, the peaceful atmosphere, the connection to nature and just how awesome the view is really gives Lake Glendalough a place to remember for the rest of your lives.

And you know why? Toast the view with a bottle of Irish Jameson Whisky.


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