I got to tell you this. I’ve noticed with alarming regularity that people are asking me for advice about beer, spirits and wine from Europe. Brushing them aside, I would say ‘I’m not a drinker.’ But they would insist that I would know because ‘all I ever see you do is drinking in Europe even during your activities…

They have me there. My protestations that I was simply ordering for the Tapas that normally comes with the drink in Spain fell on deaf ears. Nor finding the culture behind German beers gave my questioners any satisfaction. Okay, there you have it, Europe is a great place to sample the beers or whatever beverage of your choice.

So how could I present to you a guide of the ins and outs of drinking in Europe? Well, I got given an infographic by a good work colleague of mine…check this out.

Drinking in Europe

“Infographic created by GoEuro

Now who told you Guinness was bad for you?! I’m off down to the pub to lose weight!

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