‘Rexy, I really want to go on holiday but I don’t want to TRAVEL’

This is far becoming common in many email exchanges of people looking for inspiration and the determination to go on their travels. Often querying this, I predict the answer would be like the one below and 99% of the time, I’m completely right:

‘It’s the whole stress of getting to the airport, making sure that I’ve got everything and in good order..it’s just too much, I only want to relax on my time off.’ 

Well have no fear my readers, I have been given a guest post that will soothe your worries away and before you know it, you’ll be in the warm sea frolicking away with very beautiful bodies around you…no? Then that’s just my relaxation fantasy. Make your own! Without further ado, here’s the guide to make your journey as relaxing as your holiday. 


Most of us will look forward to a good holiday for months and once you’re there it’s something that should be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

However, all too often the beginning of a holiday is marred by the stress and strain of getting to your destination, so here are some tips to ensure that your journey is as relaxing as your trip.


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Check All Travel Documents at Least a Month in Advance

Discovering that your passport is out of date two hours before you’re due to set off has to be one of the most stressful starts to any holiday. To avoid this, simply check all travel documents a good month before your trip in order to ensure everything is well within date.Remember that for some countries you’ll need at least six months remaining on your passport, so always check before you travel.


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Make a Thorough ‘to do’ List

Whether you’re a keen list maker or not, putting together a thorough ‘to do’ list will help to ensure that you do everything you need to before you leave.

Things like getting vaccinations, buying a new pair of sunglasses and arranging travel insurance are just some of the things that are best not left until the last-minute.

Check Baggage Restrictions

These days, almost all airlines have some baggage restrictions so it’s best to measure and weigh everything before you leave if you want to avoid paying an extra fee at the airport.

Some luggage companies now make cases that specifically fit the prescribed dimensions for the cabin but it’s always best to check everything yourself.


Book Airport Parking

Negotiating your way through train times, connections and luggage racks is a sure-fire way to get stress levels up before you’ve even reached the check in desk.

To make life easier, why not book Thomas Cook airport parking and drive yourself to the terminal building? You’ll appreciate it even more on your return and can get straight into your vehicle and head home to relax.

With a little bit of planning, it’s possible to make your outward journey easy, stress free and even enjoyable. Don’t leave anything until the last-minute, check your passport, pack your bags and book your parking space and you’ll be jetting off into the sunset before you know it!

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