Before I went on my RTW travels, I could be often found stalking other travel blogs but what really interested me was the travel blogger behind the witticisms of their writing. Who are they? Are they real? Are they fit? So hence, for a long time coming, I wanted to do some travel blogging interviews and crack them open for their rawness inspiration of travel inside. Think Michael Parkinson.

Tracking into the blogosphere, this guy has indeed made his mark with a huge stamp and ready to propel himself into travel blogging stardom. He has the charm, he has the skill and in fact I suspect he’s actually Superman in disguise. Meeting him alongside my work at MyDestination, he has proved to be a big hit with his stories and you know what? He’s putting them now figuratively on paper in his exciting and inspirational travel blog. Without further ado, I give you Chris of Make New Tracks!


Could he be the next Captain Birdseye?

1. Name: Chris Sharpe

2. Twitter: @makenewtracks

3. Facebook Fan Page:

4. Blog URL:


5. Where are you originally from and where are you now?

I was born in South London, and after travelling I find myself full circle in Shoreditch, East London


6. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Empathetic, Dreamer, Hungry


7. Tell us about your blog. What makes your blog unique from all the other bloggers out there?

It’s all about seeing more than just the most obvious places a country might have to offer. Seeing the alternative places, and how to best see them as an independent backpacker.


8. Why did you start writing a blog? And did you find it easy to set up?

I needed a creative output, I found sharing my experience helped me to relive it which made me want to travel even more. When you feel passionate about a place the words just pour out, so in that sense it was easy.


Chris demonstrates his love for Thailand with the capital T!


9. If you had to travel with 3 other travel bloggers who would they be?

I would love to travel with Iain from blueskydesigns, as he’s a very relaxed guy, and I get on with you of course Rex, so that could also work, (Ed Note: You love me really) and I would like to see what the two bad tourists are like on the road, I’m quite selective with my travel buddies though.


10. What’s the best advice you can give for new bloggers?

If you’re not already travelling just get out there, the content will come to you.


11. Other than a job, what’s the easiest way to make money for travels?

You don’t always need money to travel, some of the best times I’ve had were when I relied on the kindness of strangers.


12. Where have you been in the world? And which was the best, worst, funniest and scariest?

South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

My favourite country so far is Cambodia the locals are just the most sincere people you will ever meet.

My worst would probably be France, perhaps it’s because a trip to Paris a few years ago has impeded my judgement, but I found the city so dirty and the people so rude.

Funniest would be New Zealand, the Kiwis know how to have a good laugh.

I haven’t felt intimidated in anywhere I have been so far (Ed Note: Are you not intimidated by people getting your tea order wrong?!) but I did see a fight break out during Songkran in Bangkok, I saw guys running with swords, bottles smashed and then the gangs drove off on motorbikes.


13. Naughtiest experience on your travels?

I frequently drove drunk on my scooter in Pai Northern Thailand, but my excuse, (poor though it is) was that there were no cars or pedestrians to crash into.


14. Luggage or Backpack?

Backpack all the way.


15. Top 3 items that you would save from your backpack if it was about to be sunk in shark infested waters?

Document folder, sunglasses, shoes. (Ed Note: That could be a totally new travel fashion trend!)


Pondering at the City of Sails


16. Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

I have skydived before, which was great considering I have a fear of heights, but Bungee Jumping requires more motivation so I’ll say that.


17. Best travel idol (aside from me, of course) that you would want to sit next to on the plane?

David Attenborough – legend


18. What’s your party trick to show to other backpackers in hostels?

I have this strange thing I can do with my tongue, it’s impossible to explain but I usually get a horrified reaction, which is satisfying. (Ed Note: You never showed me!)


19. Hostel, Guesthouse, Hotel or Couchsurf?

Couchsurfing has been good to me.


20. Day Trip, Backpack or live? UK, Australia or Vietnam?

UK-day trip Australia-Live, Vietnam- Backpack


21. Lonely Planet or Rough Guide?

Lonely Planet


22. Will you go out with me, a sexy, tall, dark and handsome god?

Oh, go on then! (Ed Note: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)


23. Did you find love on your travels?

Not yet…


He did, he met a delightful Kangaroo called Bernard.

24. Would you go on I’m a Celebrity and eat pig’s testicles?

Sure, why not.


25. And possibly, the most important question…Neighbours or Home and Away?!

Neither, Breaking Bad is much better. (Ed Note: is it Australian?)


26. Which 3 songs have you played the most on your ipod on your travels?

The Beach theme song by Moby, anything by the Rolling Stones and Edward Sharp- Home is wherever I’m with you.


27. You travelled on your own, how did that go for you and did you find it easy to make new friends on the road? 

I love travelling solo, my blog is mainly geared toward those that want to travel the world solo. I find it’s the easiest way to meet people, yet have the freedom to move whenever you need.


28. What are your next travel plans?

Hopefully plenty of European weekenders, then long term India or Canada. (Ed Note: can I come?)


29. What’s the best advice you can give to first time travellers?

Book your flight six months time, then the date is set, you can’t change it, this motivates you to sort everything else. It’s the equivalent of giving yourself a nudge off a peak, scary yet it helps you to get that little bit closer to what you want.


Just sleep on a tiger…why not?


30. Finally, tell us a funny travel story..

It was my friends first time travelling in Koh Phi-Phi and he … got ‘lucky’ with a certain young lady and after a while of convincing, and gentle reassurance they decided to go for a ‘swim’ together. When the amorous couple came back my friend, the fool, realised his wallet and keys had been stolen. The next evening, my friend decided to withdraw all the savings he could from his reserve card and carry it with him. Smart right? We went out again that night, and he couldn’t believe his luck as another ‘classy lady’ was quite taken with him. Forgetting all that had occurred the night before in what I can only assume was a moment of complete memory loss that is usually reserved for those after severe accidents, he again decided to go for a swim with the young lady. Upon returning from the water my friend started to sweat, and not from the heat. His wallet was again gone (obviously) but this time, also his passport. The flight home was in two days time. Forcing the girl to join him in a four hour exploration of the entire beach, my friend scoured the beach panicking to a degree I wish to this day I had been able to witness (this is the kind of person who gets nervous of foot odour to the degree he will spray your feet when you enter his home). Eventually, the fool, managed to find his passport poking out of a lot of sand. So, let this be a warning to all you adventurous people out there, put your money and your passport where it’s safe. If you are still going to do it anyway, just don’t do it twice. (Ed Note: Wise words indeed!)


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