I got asked the other day if I could offer some advice on travelling to France with a family on a budget. First off, I have to admit that even though I’m known for great budget travelling around the world, I’ve yet to visit the closest country to the UK on a budget – France. Shocking isn’t it. Maybe I should rectify that. And secondly, I don’t have children…(to my knowledge…). So I asked a good organisation I work with who does this kind of travelling to give me an article on this in response to the question first pitched to me. I give you travelling to France with a family on a budget. 


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With so many things to do on a family holiday in France, planning your trip can initially feel quite daunting. But if you get the basics right, it’s pretty difficult for you to go wrong. We’ve listed some of the best tips for your French family holiday to ensure that everyone is kept entertained throughout your stay.


Get a Dose of Culture

If you’re holidaying in France, then there are an awful lot of cultural excursions that make for a perfect family day out.

Ideally, you’ll want your children to come away from the holiday knowing a few French words, if they don’t already. One of the simplest ways to get acquainted with the language is to get a phrase book. You can then have some fun practising your newly garnered knowledge in the local shops and encourage your children to do the same.  It’s a great example to set for the young ones.

A trip to France also provides a great opportunity for you to all try some different culinary delights that you haven’t been exposed to at home. Take advantage of any local patisseries you might find – a freshly made, flaky pastry is a great way to start the day. It may also be worth researching the region you’re planning to visit to see if there are any famous local dishes made there. It’s often the case that different regions have different specialities, and any opportunity to live like one of the locals should be snapped up immediately!


Choose Camping

France is renowned for its stunning vistas of beautiful and varied countryside, so if you’re visiting France, what better way to get close to nature than to spend your nights under canvas?

Camping can often seem like a real adventure and, apart from being a real learning curve for the kids, it also makes for a fantastic bonding experience.

Try and do a bit of research before you go; it could transpire that there are stunning bike trails for you and your family to explore, a beautiful fishing lake, or even some great rock pooling areas. Whatever your natural surroundings, you want to come prepared so you don’t have to miss out on anything. As long as you bring any equipment you need or make sure that it’s available when you get there, you won’t have to miss out on any outdoor activities!


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Stay Somewhere With Kids’ Facilities

Keeping your kids occupied on a family holiday can sometimes seem like a never-ending challenge, particularly if the weather doesn’t hold out. If that’s the case for you, then you want to make sure that your next holiday has plenty to keep them occupied.

If you choose to stay with holiday provider like Canvas Holidays, you can rest assured that your kids will never be without something to do; whether they fancy playing by the poolside or hanging out in the games room, there’s always something to entertain them. And if all else fails – there’s always free Wi-Fi, so if you can’t prise them away from their mobiles or games consoles, at least you know that if they’re using the internet, you won’t have a hefty bill to come home to.

Canvas customers also benefit from the free FamilyExtra programme, which is available on twelve campsites and offers a range of exciting activities for kids (and adults!) of all ages. Do your kids enjoy water sports, arts and crafts or nature trails? However they like spending their time, there’ll always be something to keep them out of mischief.

For more ideas on what to do on your next family holiday in France, visit www.canvasholidays.co.uk


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