As the potential to come to Greece in April 2014 becomes more definite thanks to a great time at the Greek stand at the World Travel Market, I wanted to find out from other bloggers where is the best place to go in this island scattered country. Luckily, Zoe Mouchritsa lives in Athens and she’s more than happy to inspire me where to go by telling me where she went on her journeys…


Everyone talks about holidays on a Greek Island, but a holiday, on a yacht around several islands, now that’s something I can get on board with!! Although Greek Islands stand alone in their beauty when you travel by a yacht everything changes; the landscape the ambience, the way you see people and things.


Every Day is a Journey

My friends and I started our tour from Athens’ Pireaus Port, where we stepped from the dodgy looking dock onto a beautiful yacht and already we were worlds away. It was kind of a last-minute idea and suddenly we were cracking jokes and enjoying the breeze from a beautiful day at sea. The yacht we were sailing on carries up to six people and we had our own private skipper!

Greek Islands

Flickr Photo by Schlongfield


A Hearty Breakfast to Start Your Day

I had never realized how lovely it is to wake up with the sound of waves gently lapping the sides of the yacht. The first impulse was to immediately dive straight in. That certainly brushes away any cobwebs. The day started with thick and creamy Greek yoghurt, honey and fruit, fuel for a day at sea.


Just Exploring

A good thing about travelling by boat is you can get to secluded beaches that are otherwise inaccessible. We stopped at a small island called Folegandros, it’s nicer than any others (in my humble opinion.) After a couple of busy hours sunbathing, diving from the rocks, kicking about on the beach, we decided a little exploring was in order. We took a walk and came across a church high on a hill, with a breathtaking panoramic view. Eventually we settled in a taverna in a small town, where we feasted on small fish, Greek salad, feta cheese, and a couple of cheeky glasses of wine.

Greek Islands

Flickr Photo by Gerald Adams


Too Many Islands

Greece is obviously famous for all its islands, and as much as I wanted to visit all of them, it wasn’t really practical! We restricted ourselves to two and Santorini was next on our itinerary on our Greek cruise. Although it’s a bit strange when you first approach the island – it’s quite dark looking – once you put your feet down on dry land, let me tell you, your jaw will drop. It’s stunning! The caldera view is nothing short of spectacular, the town Firostefani is all traditional alleys and donkeys ferrying people to the top of the hill for the sunset view.

Greek Islands

Flickr Photo by lostajy


The trip was only a couple of days and really, way too short. A whole summer wouldn’t be enough to discover all of the islands by sea! Seeing Folegandros and Santorini up close like that, has just whetted my appetite for more. I’m already looking at ideas for next summer!


ZoeZoe Mouchritsa – Blogger
Zoe lives in Athens and specialises in finding the best and brightest things to do in this lively city and throughout Greece. After completing a BA in Applied Informatics and Multimedia in beautiful Crete, she jumped full-time into blogging and is now editor for




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