‘Very Open-minded male wanted for gardening and maintenance work.’

I didn’t think anything of it when I responded to the job advertisement online while I was travelling down from Cairns in my campervan towards Brisbane. The job advertisement also stated that it needed someone quickly and by luck, it was just north of Brisbane. I needed another job in Expensive Australia to get me by after blowing almost half of my Australian budget and my time on this red continent wasn’t even over yet.

To my pleasure, I received a quick reply through my Mobi-data phone accepting my offer to work for them and they would let me know the details later on after I spent my time in Brisbane. Done, dusted and sorted. Now I can do all the things in Brisbane I wanted to do with no money worries for the time being.

‘Very Open-minded’ is the phrase I should have watched out for. I’m very liberal and tolerant of all aspects of society and I encourage individuality and happiness in every person unless they are being used for bad intentions. So I didn’t really think nothing of it particularly after a month in Queensland. I felt Queensland was far too conservative and pretty much more bigoted than many places around the world. So upon seeing that term, it probably made me think ‘oh, they probably just take their tops off around a BBQ.’ Little did I know I was closer than the truth I intended it to be…

So after a celebratory meal and last drinks out on the last night spent with my growling campervan buddy, Smera, in Brisbane, I stumbled back to my pad and checked my e-mails to see if ‘Tom’ (this is the name I will be using to protect their identities) had emailed me back confirming pick up from the sunshine coast destination the next day. Once I read the email, I didn’t know if it was the green fairy befuddling my mind making it as a joke and so I decided to read it again the next day. So I did.


‘Looking forward to be meeting you Ed. Yes, I will be picking you up outside the train station at 2pm and remember to get on the first 4 carriages so you can get off the platform ok. By the way, just to let you know, you’re working on a nudist resort. See you tomorrow!’


Huh? Did I read that correctly? A NUDIST Resort?! Ah so that’s where the term Open-minded came from. Laughing first followed by extreme apprehension, my interest was soon peaked. Isn’t travelling about opening your mind to new things? Isn’t travelling about getting involved with situations outside your own control?

Tom greeted me at the station. He was pleasant enough fellow and we soon chatted about my travels while he drove in the middle of nowhere thick with jungle. He soon introduced me to his cousin, Gary, who would be cooking my meals. Aw, they were really nice. I especially got on with Gary as his love of food definitely showed and he proclaimed he would be cooking me a three course meal. Result. However, half way through the meal, Tom simply got off and took off his pants. Oh dear, the sausage I was eating didn’t look so appetising now.

It was a bit of a shock, and I guess it showed as Tom immediately asked if I had any nudity experience. Not really, I begrudgingly replied, except for the time when I went skinny dipping on a cold British beach in the middle of the night and spent a good half hour afterwards trying to find my clothes. No time like the present, he urged me while he dropped a bit of mashed potato on his thigh. Taking that as a cue, I simply said I don’t eat naked when eating hot food.

Putting me to work in their expansive and jungle covered garden, over the course of the day, I found myself meek as I didn’t go as far to take off my jeans. Topless will do and besides, no one wants a pair of shears around hanging things. Over the day, I met the ‘visitors’ to the resort. My visions of dirty, hairy, old men grinning manically at me was soon dispelled when I met very pleasant people my age who wanted to know about my travels in South East Asia. Swigging a coffee in front of them, it took all of my energy not to glance down and be fascinated by their freedom! But over the next few hours, I felt a new sensation. I was overdressed. Utterly and truly overdressed. I only had some weeding and digging left to do so I decided to go for it.

I got naked.

As I shook off my boxers with my foot and with my eyes tightly closed, I waited for someone to horrifyingly scream or perhaps even laugh mirthfully. Nothing. Peeking with one eye open, everyone carried on their business. No one stared, no one pointed, heck no one even glanced my way.

So this is what it feels like to be a nudist?


Puffing my chest out with newfound pride, standing taller and with a smile on my face, I suddenly felt liberated. I have undertaken the taboo of getting naked around people. Thinking about this, we are what we are born with and it’s not anyone’s prerogative to dictate what we should look like. Looking around, I saw people in different shapes, forms, colour or creed. But there was one thing that united us. Everyone was happy with the way they looked. We don’t need to conform to the stick like models that are completely photoshopped on magazines. Why should we let them tell us what we should be looking like? Standing astride my shovel, I felt a breeze touch my entire body…everywhere. This was new. I don’t normally feel this ‘down there’ unless I realise I’ve got a hole in my trousers.

Sensing my new-found freedom, I began to realise there were other things I could do. I can jiggle, I can cut down my time getting ready for things as I don’t need to decide what to wear and then laboriously put clothes on or I can stay cool when doing some work. The possibilities were endless.

Speaking to the others over the day, no one talked about nudity, no one talked about the size of their dong, no one batted an eyelid when a man accidentally hit his package on a woman’s shoulder as he turned around.  It was all okay. Maybe I am growing to be a nudist myself. There was a swimming pool at the end of the expansive garden. People laughed as they dived in or sunbathed along the edges. Was this what the Garden of Eden was like before Eve bit into the forbidden fruit? I knew I was going to enjoy this. This is what should be like…

Naked Travel Blogger

Except when one of the last visitors turned to me as they left. She warned me about one of the owners and to watch out for him. Cryptic at first, I began to realise when the night drew in. Feeling chilly, I put on some clothes as I relaxed reading a book. Tom turned to me and told me to take them off again. He was naked from the waist down with a jumper on top. Telling him why, he kept insisting I should just take off my pants and trousers. Then immediately probed about my personal life and telling me about his adventures of being a nudist in different places. Sex-based adventures. I was pretty uncomfortable and this was in stark contrast to the people I experienced during the course of the day. Then it hit me, he was into me.

The next morning, Gary laid out a hearty breakfast for the day ahead and, taking advantage of Tom away from the property, he cryptically said that Tom was into young straight guys and perhaps I should clarify with Tom where I am with a knowing wink. I liked Gary. He was kind, funny and had a whole load of stories to tell about life in Australia. I couldn’t believe his cousin Tom was very different to Gary.

The next few days later, many visitors seem to echo what that last visitor said. One even intimated to me that Tom tried it on too much with him and he refuses to be alone around Tom. I have no problem about nudity and the visitors were absolutely great. It was just my ‘boss’ Tom who was being inappropriate. Even my cover story, as Gary told me to do, didn’t put Tom off. My cover story, that I’m gay with a doctor as a boyfriend who was coming to see me in Australia afterwards, seemed to work at first as he grew annoyed as I told him. But it seemed to make things worse after a while as he was complimenting on my body and again kept insisting that I go fully nude when he decided to work with me closely with leering eyes.

I couldn’t exactly leave if I had enough. I was in the middle of nowhere and it would take ages to walk to the train station. I decided to see how it would go for the time being and just maybe, he’ll get bored. I mean, new visitors were coming all the time. I still managed to chill out with the nice visitors and yes, I was fully in the nude again even as I was blogging on my travels in front of them.

However, things came to a head one night, when after rejecting a lot of massage offers from Tom, he knocked on my bedroom door at two o’clock in the morning, fully naked, asking if he could get into bed with me because he was cold.

That was enough.

Telling him to put some clothes on and go back to his bed, I immediately logged online and booked a flight to the other side of Australia for the next day. I simply had it. I didn’t want a predatory man around me no longer.

My disbelief was further compounded when I was speaking to Gary at breakfast the next day about my plans to go. I asked him then if Tom had ever been in a relationship. Gary nodded his head as he served eggs on a plate and said that he was already in one. What? He was trying to cheat on his boyfriend?! Asking where his boyfriend was, Gary turned to me sombrely and said quietly that it was him. Gary and Tom are boyfriends?! I was shocked and I couldn’t believe that he knew his boyfriend was trying it on with people in front of him!

Wait, I paused. I asked Gary,

‘Didn’t you say that Tom is your cousin?’

Gary looked at me and nodded.

So Tom and Gary were cousins and in a relationship while Gary knew Tom was trying it on with others. Great. That was not what I was expecting at all. Just as well I was getting out of here before it got even more crazy! As Gary took me to the train station, I began to think about my time at the nudist resort the week I spent there.

So did I enjoy being a Naked Travel Blogger?

Course I did! It really opened my eyes to the world of nudism and I discovered many things about myself that I didn’t know. I grew to accept myself. I’ve had issues about my body whether it was my skinny arms, my inability to get a six-pack, or my bottom that seems bigger proportionally than the rest of my body. Now, I don’t care. I embrace every aspect of my body and you know what now? I can’t wait to show my body off.

But with a sex pest at my heels, it was definitely time to go. Perth here I come! Perhaps there’s a nudist beach there…

Naked Travel Blogger


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