I’m back in my safe haven of Yorkshire! Where have I been since I came back from Germany in July? London! Our sweet, happy and bustling capital of Britain! For three and a half months, I lived in London working as a travel writing intern, hung out with amazing travel bloggers and finding out the unique spots in my new resident city. Even with the expanse of London after showing countless friends past Buckingham Palace and Westminster Square, I grew to love certain spots. Why don’t you visit them to find out? It can be hard finding a cheap hotel in London so it may be worth looking into renting a self-catered apartment instead to make your stay a less stressful one. Perhaps a place in one of my favourite London spots?

London Spots

Meeting fantastic travel bloggers!

1. Shoreditch

Without a doubt, my favourite London spot. Full of eclectic, quirky and unique drinking and shopping establishments, Shoreditch has the happening hipster crowd. With the latest fashion trends, the  pop up markets, tasty food festivals and plenty of music gigs, every weekend I could be found there in their bright moody lights ready to hit the party scene. Thanks to the Urban Food Festival on every Saturday in the summer and autumn, I truly got my tastebuds flowing with all the international cuisine. Also, Shoreditch is the scene for one of my favourite tours of London – the Eating London Tour. They will definitely show you the best bagel ever…

Top London Spot

The Best Bagel Ever…


2. Embankment

There’s only one reason why I absolutely love Embankment other than the gorgeous views of the River Thames. Gordon’s Wine Bar. As the oldest wine bar in London, established 1890, this is truly the place to go if you want cheese and wine. Perfect Cheese and Wine! Just round the corner from the Embankment Tube Entrance, this dark and musky place truly gives you the unique experience in their wine cellars where you can sit round a barrel in the dark with only candlelight to see your food. If that’s not the environment you want, why not sit outside at their patio under heat lamps to keep you warm? With hundreds of cheese to try and a variety of red and white wine to drink, you will not be disappointed.

Top London Spot

Gordon’s Wine Bar


3. Angel/King’s Cross

On Sundays, this would be a regular haunt for hangover scran, sunday lunch and travel bloggers meet-up to help each other with our work. The best place? The Big Chillhouse. Providing decent music, delicious eggs on toast and perfect desks for computers, this pub is a working pub. There are great connections to here from the Kings Cross/St Pancras Tube Station and Train Stations and this funky place is within walking distance to all connections. The square in Kings Cross plays hosts to many markets, circus shows and all manner of strange things happening throughout the course of the day. Just don’t chat up the prostitutes on the street corners!


4. Little Venice

This was my workplace. An absolutely fantastic area to be in. During the summer, just yards away from the Paddington Train station, the Paddington Basin is the perfect outdoor amphitheatre-like place to relax in the sun during the lunch hour. Shops, bars and restaurants line the Grand Canal that passes through Little Venice showcasing the gorgeous Victorian engineering that went into this. A fantastic place to chill after work in the slightly expensive bars but it’s an experience you’ll never forget.


So if you’re hoping to stalk me now I’ve revealed to you my top London spots. You’re too late. I’ve already left…


What are your favourite London Spots?


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