Windsor Castle

Three soldiers, splendid in their red uniforms, walked step in step across the inner courtyard of Windsor Castle under the hot glare of the sun beating down on this last day of August.

Perhaps they seemed in more of a hurry as they needed to get the castle ship-shape for the Queen. She’s coming back the next day and today is the last golden opportunity to see the fortress within.

With the #travellads (a motley crew of male and honorary female travel bloggers with an appreciation for local ales), we all descended to the sleepy town of Windsor from London Paddington and changing at Slough.

Now, I could not believe how close Windsor Castle is to Slough. One of the prime icons of British Tourism and it’s only 10 minutes away from Slough, the most depressing place in Britain. Maybe with foresight, the builders of Windsor Castle decided the castle may cheer the residents of Slough up!

Taking 45 minutes to get to Windsor from London Paddington, it’s a great opportunity to have a day out to the ‘country’ from the hectic busy capital. I needed this after a month in Crazy London and I wanted reconnect to Britain’s Royal History.

Windsor Castle

Queuing for a short time into the entrance, we were enticed through into the buzzing outer courtyard full with snap happy tourists marvelling at the old structure that has seen many monarchs come and go, however long their reigns, since the Norman Invasion led by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century.

Windsor Castle

Winding our way into the hidden areas within, we were soon heavy in discussion about the cannons and relics of British History littering every crook and nanny. Did you know that decommissioned cannons were used as bollards to stop people in early 20th Century from parking needlessly anywhere. Oh, if that was the case today!

Windsor Castle

Soon, we were granted entry into the inner and most intimate sanctum of Windsor Castle – the bedrooms. Unfortunately, no photography were allowed to take a snapshot of time showing the gilded and ornamental decorations followed by the detailed and beautiful furniture that has been used for centuries that has still remained in good condition to this day.

However, the castle still felt fresh and modern. This was perhaps in due to the devastating fire that gripped Windsor Castle causing the Queen deep upset enough to call 1992 her ‘annus horriblis’ along with several unfortunate events that took place that year.

Perhaps she could take comfort in the Moat Gardens that gurgle with bubbling fountains and colourfully splendid with the array of sweet scenting flowers that delights your nose. We certainly did in our planned picnic and unscheduled naps on the soft and bouncy grass!

Windsor Castle

It may not seem like we did anything much except wander around the castle and poke our noses in the bedrooms. It was a welcomed relaxing day out and with our tickets, which you can get them stamped to come back any time within the next 12 months.

But after a scorching day in the sun for the best part of the day, the Travel Lads all looked at each other and nodded – ‘time for a pint!’

If you would like more information about Windsor Castle, why not check out their website.


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