During my time in London, I was an intern for MyDestination travel magazine. One of the many responsibilities I had was to create content for the MyDestination Blog. Here’s one of the latest articles I made for them. Enjoy.


‘I’m scared,’ Laura spoke to me as she dropped her torch and the light shuddered off. I glanced from underneath the bonnet of our campervan with a sigh as the car manual slipped out of my fingers into the engine. Reaching back in with my arm outstretched to retrieve it, I replied,

‘Laura,’ I smiled reassuringly when she switched the torch back on with a smack, ‘it’s all going to be fine. I mean what’s the worst could happen?’

Famous last words indeed as a howl ripped jarringly through the night. A dingo I guessed, but a wild dingo that is. Seeing the terrifyingly stunned expression on Laura’s face in the glare of the torch, we both agreed it may be best if we waited inside.

We had utterly broken down in the middle of the outback in Queensland, Australia. There wasn’t a building in sight, just empty expansion of bare rock and a few shrubs to mark the place. We were on the road back from Cooktown to Cairns and we had been driving for the best part of two hours without passing another vehicle. Our suspicions about the campervan started when all the lights on the dashboard suddenly started flashing at us and half an hour later, we broke down. Of course, there had to be no mobile signal to call for help. Our best hope was to flag another vehicle down but nobody drove at night thanks to accident prone Kangaroos being fond of smashing into windscreens. We broke down just one hour away from a marked roadhouse on the tattered 1970s map given to us. We were in for a long night, now that there was a possibility of dingos gnawing off our legs if we remained outside.

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