Having been on plenty of weekend city breaks in Europe, I often bemoan that I’ve taken far too much stuff with me for simply a weekend. Packing my bag just before I head home, I stare with dismay that I didn’t wear those three tops, that raincoat or really, did I need my posh shoes that I didn’t wear at all? Becoming more determined like a lion stalking its prey, I declare that next time I would take less stuff and strip my packing list to the bare essentials. I want to avoid the baggage fees on airlines and instead take on a small carry bag that I can live off for the entire weekend, be it on romance in Paris or partying in Prague.

So here I’ve fashioned a guide to get the best packing list possible for the ultimate city break.

Packing List

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Remember to avoid baggage fees on airlines or search for flight discounts on the voucherbox website as a way to save money. Always keep to the required size dimensions and weight restrictions for hand-held luggage. Ensure it’s got locking capabilities with a combination padlock, plenty of pockets and that the bag is side opening to reach all areas of the bag. You don’t want to be pulling everything out of the bag from the top eh? You don’t want to be showing your dirty underwear to all and sundry do ya? Having a small rucksack is great to carry with you even after checking out time at your city accommodation and you don’t want to leave it there to come back all the way before heading back out to the airport.

Packing List

Just a simple rucksack for my Austrian City Break



Simply grab a travel wallet to store your important travel documents in. You can either slip the wallet in your pocket or in the side pocket of your bag for easy reach. Remember your passport, boarding passes, visas, travel money and accommodation confirmations.

UK Passport

Don’t forget your passport!



Oh yes, the biggest conundrum for your packing list. What exactly do you take? I say the three ‘P’s’ – Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. If you fail to Prepare, prepare to fail. Can you tell I love the word ‘prepare?’ Remember to research just exactly what you may be doing in that city and reflect that in your packing. If you are going to a winter destination, jumpers will be key. If you are going to a hot beach destination, the bikini is key…although I probably won’t pack that for myself…(except on Sundays). But always remember the bare essentials. Clean change of underwear, one top a day, and a shirt for the evening for partying. For shoes, take a pair that you can use for all events. For nightwear…how about sleeping naked?

packing, packing list

Don’t make your bag explode with clothes!



In this digital age, we all need to be connected. If someone said to me, why don’t you leave your devices at home? I would shudder with that thought but I can narrow down to the best traveller’s gadget. The iPhone. It’s got a camera, internet connection, messaging through whatsapp, music and all the travel apps that you could need to help you with your journey. With this, you can leave your MP3 player, camera, computer, and many more at home that will save valuable storage space in your bag for souvenirs to take back home.


There you have it, the bare essentials City Break Packing List. What do you think? Do you think I should be including more?


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