Seeing as we are in the dredges of Winter so soon after Christmas and New Year, you may feel deflated about having to wait for the sun in your country. However, why not give yourself something to look forward to in the Spring or Summer? Namely, a European Adventure trip!

But wait! Where can you start is on the lips of many prospective travellers? Should I start in the North in Norway? The west in Istanbul? The South in Athens? Or maybe in the East say…Faro? You won’t go far wrong with Faro at all as it’s the most southern east city of Europe and from there you can start your getaway with all you want in a European Sun break.

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I have stayed in the Algarve for a week and you know what? I absolutely loved it. I’m not much of a beach resort kind of person, but if it’s sun and relaxation you are looking for, you can find it in the Algarve!

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So to kick off your European Adventure, where could you go from Faro?


1) Faro

Staying a couple of days in Faro and exploring its surroundings will certainly give you a taste of Europe. Explore the eclectic Old Town, the beautiful Desert Islands just off the panoramic coast, climb the mighty Faro Cathedral, get a glimpse of the past at the Faro Archaeological Museum or if you are lucky, you may catch a well-known singer at their colossal stadium to pump your tunes to.


Flickr Photo by joaoleitaoTRAVEL

2) The Algarve

With your hired car, drive the stunning Algarve coast to Lagos. Meanwhile, just stop along the way at Carvoeiro where you’ll easily find a quintessential European Beach that you can frolic in and get your feet nibbled by fish, party down at Abufeira, climb the brilliant cliffs overlooking the stunning coastline at Portimao and finish up at Lagos to take a drink of Caipirinha on a terrace underneath the sizzling sunset sky.

Algarve, Faro


3) Lisbon

Driving on the highway from Faro to Lisbon will get you there in no time to reach Portugal’s cosmopolitan capital city. Explore the city with a walking tour to find your surroundings, visit plenty of quirky museums (come on, who doesn’t want to know about Tiles), visit the splendour that is Sintra (a must day out from Lisbon), and grab a seat in a Fado Music Show to hear the mournful tones of Portugal at its best. Personally, I would like to give it another chance if I go there as I only spent one day there.


One of the nicest Lisbon Streets

4) Seville

Faro is close to the border with Spain. The next stop into Spain is the grand city of Seville which has seen many influences from cultures from around the world and its prominence as the gateway to Latin America. Filled with majestic palaces, exceedingly wide avenues to stroll in, delicious tapas and of course, why not pay homage to one of the iconic figures of history, Christopher Columbus, at his tomb in the picturesque Seville Cathedral.

Christopher Columbus

I am King of the World!

So here you go. Kick off your start in Faro and you certainly won’t be disappointed. Just remember to hire a car.


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