You find yourself at one of the busiest Airports in Europe and you wonder what the heck to do in Schiphol Airport?

You’re recovering from a brilliant and long KLM flight and the first thing that comes into your head when you walk through the gates into Schiphol Airport is that ‘It’s Massive!’


Schiphol Airport


Have no fear! Don’t prop yourself down at the nearest seat, get exploring the wonders of the Airport within! You’ll be guaranteed to while away the hours as you wait for your next flight. So put down your book and  check out this guide of 24 things to do in Schiphol Airport experienced first hand by this travel blogger. Enjoy!


1. Take a Stroll Down Holland Boulevard


Schiphol Airport


The first thing you must absolutely do is to take a stroll down the fun-filled and action packed Holland Boulevard. Your eyes will light up at the many features and activities this stretch of the Airport has to offer and youm will certainly be making a mental note to visit sections on the stroll back.


2. Feel Naughty drinking a Glass of Champagne at Bubbles Bar


If you find yourself in Lounge 1 of Schiphol Airport, sit yourself in one of the stools at the Bubbles Bar and drink a naughty glass of Champagne to get your stay in Schiphol Airport started. Don’t let it go to your head!


3. Check out the House of Tulips


Schiphol Airport


Tulips are synonymous with the Netherlands thanks that started the first ever stock exchange in the world using Tulips! You’ll find many stores selling Tulips in the Airport but none so exciting as the House of Tulips where an iconic green greenhouse like building sells dozens to your delight.


4. Discover the Art Pieces scattered around the Airport


Schiphol Airport


If you are looking for exploration with your children or perhaps you’re intrigued, why not jump aboard the Art Trail where you will find eclectic pieces of Art scattered around the Airport. There’s the Teapots, the clogs, a yeti like figure and plenty more unique figurines around.


5. Relax and Read a Book in the Airport Library


Schiphol Airport


Schiphol Airport boasts to have the first Airport Library in the world. You can continue to do your work here, research destinations or perhaps relax with an exciting thriller in your hands. This popular place sees it expanding in the year ahead. Be sure to find out what you can do in Amsterdam from here.


6. Chill out in the Themed Relaxation Stations


Schiphol Airport


Based between Lounges 2 and 3 on the Holland Boulevard, these funky relaxation stations have different themes running through them whether it is modern gadgetry, high-brow posh, or home from home. I rather liked the modern chairs to sink myself into!


7. Play the Airport Piano


Wow your fellow passengers with your playing skills on the smooth and grand Piano on the Holland Boulevard or in my case, the lack of skills!


8. Be stunned by the view of the Runway outside on the Panoramic Terrace


Schiphol Airport


Visit the Panoramic Terrace on the Arrivals side of Schiphol Airport and let your eyes take in the splendour of the busy Schiphol runway to watch planes take off to far-flung destinations. Best viewed during Sunrise for ultimate pleasure!


9. Check out the KLM Fokker 100 Plane on the Panoramic Terrace


Schiphol Airport


Discover how a KLM Fokker 100 Plane works thanks to a life-sized and decommissioned plane that sits on the Panoramic Terrace. You can go in and wander around in the Pilot’s cabin and look at the history panels of the Plane within.


10. Discover the Art of Cocktail Making


Schiphol Airport


Put your senses to the test as you taste, smell and feel all the ingredients in Cocktail making. This unique section also comes with a cocktail shop that you can find yourself lost within.


11. Play a round of Poker at the Airport Casino


Feeling Lucky? Why not head on over to the Airport Casino staffed by fully trained croupiers who will spin the wheel of fortune for you or deal your cards at an intense game of BlackJack!


12. Talk to Fellow Travellers at the Dutch Cocktail Bar


Schiphol Airport


If you’re travelling solo and looking for some human company, why not head yourself to the Dutch Bar between Lounge 2 and 3 where you will be greeted enthusiastically by the cheeky barman and introduced to your fellow travellers who you can share a beer or a delightful cocktail with!


13. Discover Rare Dutch Delicacies at the Airport Delicatessen


Schiphol Airport


Looking for delicious Dutch delicacies to take home and share with your family? Why not stop by the Delicatessen in Lounge 3 and marvel at the weird and interesting offerings. Pickled Herrings, Stroop Waffles and Gouda Cheese are among many to be taken advantage of.


14. Get a Taste of Dutch Culture at the Rijksmuseum Airport


Schiphol Airport


A surprise on your wanderings in Schiphol Airport I’m sure as you discover the Airport Rijksmuseum showcasing Dutch Culture in all its beauty. This small branch from the main Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam gives you a taste on the beautiful paintings, stunning sculptures and wacky art that was made by prominent Dutch artists.


15. Be Pampered at one of the many Airport Spas


There are lots of pampering spas on offer in Schiphol Airport whether you want a foot massage, hydrotherapy, Swedish massages and many more. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of pleasure in your stay at the airport.


16. Relax in Style in the KLM Crown Lounge


Schiphol Airport


If it’s upmarket lounging you are looking for, why not immerse yourself in style at the KLM Business Crown Lounge on the upper mezzanine of Schiphol Airport between Lounges 2 and 3. Smooth wine and a charming buffet selection is also one of the benefits of relaxing in one of the plush chairs overlooking the runaway of Schiphol Airport.


17. Send your kids off to play in the Airport Forest or in the ‘Let’s Play!’ Shop


If you’re travelling with children and you’ve got a long layover ahead, why not amuse your kids by sending them off to play in the Airport Forest full of activities for them to enjoy and run amok! If they are looking for new gadgets or toys, have a browse around the ‘Let’s Play!’ shop on the Holland Boulevard walkway and you may leave the shop with your pockets feeling lighter!


18. Find the Biggest Clog to Sit in!


Schiphol Airport


This gigantic Dutch clog can be found in front a Tulip shop in the Arrivals Hall of Schiphol Airport. Amuse yourself by getting a photo taken of you sat in it and you can show to your family who will laugh at the sight!


19. Book Yourself on a Day Tour of Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport


One of the brilliant features of Schiphol Airport that you can book yourself a day tour of Amsterdam for a couple of hours while you wait for your next plane. The tour will bring you back to Schiphol Airport and you can delight yourself with the thought you have seen the quintessential capital of the Netherlands purely over a few hours.


20. Eat within the Fantastic Restaurants on Holland Boulevard


Schiphol Airport


Locally produced and organic restaurants pop up along the Holland Boulevard for you to take advantage of while you wait for your next flight. The Dutch Kitchen is a fantastic restaurant showcase Dutch foods ready to savour.


21. Sleep deeply in the dark deep sleep rooms in the KLM Business Lounge


You’ve just come off a long flight without any sleep and you don’t want to face the prospect of staying up a few more hours for your next flight. Come to KLM Business Crown Lounge and enter the dark Deep Rest room where you can stretch out on a barcalounger and fall to sleep. Just beware, you will have to wake yourself up!


22. Enjoy the Light Show on Holland Boulevard


Schiphol Airport


The Holland Boulevard is a very long stretch. Enjoy passing the time on the Travelators and watch the sparkling lights on display symbolising Dutch architecture.


23. Stock up on Souvenirs at the I amsterdam Shop


You’ve thoroughly enjoyed your stay in the Netherlands but you’ve forgotten to grab some souvenirs! Not to worry, this charming I amsterdam shop  has everything you could possibly want to buy for the family. Why not practice your Dutch language with the smiling staff there?


24. Sleep at the Yotel Hotel at Schiphol Airport


Schiphol Airport


If you are looking for the ultimate comfy stay in Schiphol Airport, why not check yourself in the Yotel Hotel that offers hourly charges for you to relax and sleep while you wait for your next flight.


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