It couldn’t have started off a better year for the residents of Kingston Upon Hull. We could stride into 2014 with the blazing news and ringing endorsement that we were chosen to the City of Culture for 2017 after beating off serious competition from Leicester.

This British city has seen itself in the news in the last century, first brought to light as the ‘Northern town’ that was heavily blitzed in the Second World War thanks to its proximity on the River Humber Estuary that laid out to the North Sea battleground. Since then, Hull has seen a decline in its fishing industry and featured prominently in the Cod Wars with Iceland. Also, in the last 20 years, Hull has become synonymous with urban decay in the news and actually in fact voted as the UK’s worst city.

But I digress, you cannot ask for a more unique Northern city. Full of charm, history, welcoming people and the Hull slang with the words ‘it ain’t dull in ‘ull’, Hull truly does deserves the accolade of being City of Culture as its place in History reaches far back into the Dark Ages and has influenced where Great Britain is now.

So in this photo, you cannot find anything more majestic that Queen Victoria giving her seal of approval on Kingston Upon Hull in front of a charming City Hall that stands proud in the centre of a Cultural City.

Hull, I salute you.

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