Tis the season when I need to clear away my blog reading list blowing off dust at the neglected pile of travel blog posts that I’ve still yet to read. Shall I be sentimental with weeping eyes and keep them? Shall I go through them and discard blog posts that doesn’t interest me to have a list of carefully planned and impartial top blogs to read?

You know what? I don’t need to. I can just throw everything in the bin and start again with 4 travel blogs that I will know will keep my interest. In fact, they are pretty awesome. More than awesome. These are the 4 people who I would choose to be stranded with on a desert island (they can be tasty if one resorts to cannibalism). I’ve individually met them in person (some of them will protest it’s not through the dating app, tinder) and I’ve been utterly blown away by their enthusiasm, love for travel and really…their intriguing personalities.

However, if you’re a travel blogger and you’re pretty upset not to have made the Rexy list, have no fear, I’m most likely be reading yours. It’s just that I could have added more people but I thought I would be clever with the number 4 with the year 2014. See, I’m that smart.

But as this post is dedicated to these wonderful people and not about me for a change, let’s find out who they are?


This Battered Suitcase

Travel Blog

Photo by This Battered Suitcase

Brenna, an absolutely beautiful legend, is truly for me the girl who’s travel personified. She would easily make the grade to be the Doctor’s Travel Assistant after 7 years of a nomadic lifestyle and 80 countries. Firmly believing there’s adventure everywhere, she takes her ‘battered suitcase’ from her central base in London to find her heart in this world. She’s a brilliant writer and a striking photographer, and really…not to be missed. Her meanderings in Europe have truly inspired me and I look forward to follow her footsteps and pieces of that battered suitcase along the way.

Most Recent Post: Street Art in Berlin

Favourite Post: Near Death on Bolivia’s Death Road



Recipe for Adventures

Travel Blog

Photo by Reipe for Adventures

Beth, a beautiful ball of endless enthusiasm, is the ultimate foodie traveller who will stun you with her busting baking skills along with her inspiring passion for travel writing and photography. As an American based in London, she has embraced the travel community with her infectious sultry smile and her consummate determination to achieve the big wanderlusting dreams she hopes to fulfil. She’s already there. Her exhilarating wanderings around South and Central America has me wondrously excited.

Most Recent Post: Macaron Making 

Favourite Post:  An 8 day mission to the Galapagos

Helen In Wonderlust

Travel Blog

Photo by Helen In Wonderlust

Helen, a luscious brunette bombshell with a striking sense of adventure, has her heart and soul in mysterious Africa when a life-changing experience committed her to wander the world in wonder. Never straying too far from Africa, her deep passion for the adventures in the wild and for the people who had a significant impact on her life is keenly reflected in her outstanding writing that makes you believe you were there with her. Adoring her to pieces, she has truly embraced me with her warm outlook on life and without a doubt, she is my travel soulmate.

Recent Post: Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Favourite Post: Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda



 Choosing Figs 

Travel Blog

Photo by Choosing Figs

Val, an eclectic springboard of randomness fun, made her mark on the travel blogging world in 2013. In the thick of all of the action, you would guarantee her quirkiness be standing out. Her blog, a personal emotional journey of her life through travel, is really a blog you haven’t read before. Utterly unique and filled with her breath-taking photography really has her as the one to watch. A true inspiration, indeed. Just remember to cheer her on at the Hot Dog Eating Festival at Coney Island.

Recent Post: New York, Circa 1999



Okay, I know what you are all thinking. Each of them are utterly gorgeous girls and that’s why I would choose to be stranded on a Desert Island with them. Well…that’s one reason! But really in fact, they’ve already captivated me through their personalities, warmth, loyalty and their true passion in travel. And you know what? They will continue to do so…


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