What do you think of immediately when you think of Europe?

The iconic Eiffel Tower? The majestic Brandenburg Tor in Berlin? The snowy Alps strewn across Austria and Italy? Or perhaps the lapping waves on the shores of the gorgeous Greek Islands?

Tough isn’t it? You’ve got such a variety of sights to discover in one little continent called Europe and you don’t know where to start if you’re thinking of traversing across through the middle to get as much experience as you can. Don’t. Why don’t you do the corners of Europe instead? Each corner is truly different from the other and in such a short scale of time to travel, I can’t think of anything better. Actually, it may be one of the best ideas I’ve had other than the time I discovered Spanish Wine goes well with more Spanish Wine.

So where and what are the corners of Europe? Could you be inspired?


1. Turkey

A land full of soaring mountains and white sandy beaches, you can’t get anything better than that. With flythomascook on Antalya flights, you can start your journey in a mysterious place with a rich history and sampling the best cuisine you will ever have as you immerse yourself in an Ottoman Hamam. Ranging far and wide, straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, you can find yourself crossing the Bosphorus Strait in beautiful Istanbul, a major destination on the historical Silk Road. From bazars to kebabs to ruins, you cannot get anymore cultural depth out of this place. Just don’t be surprised when you buy a magical carpet and find yourself already in a whole new world.

Corners of Europe

Flickr by Wantana Tierney Photography


2. Russia

You can’t find anything more wintry than the northern west part of Russia. St Petersburg stands proud, once the emblem of the Russian Empire under the fist of the Tsars that has ruled for hundreds of years. It will be a true experience as you taken in delight at the outpourings of generosity from the citizens whilst you battle with the awkward bureaucracy. But having said that, you will be stunned by the exuberant cultural offerings through beautiful ballets and the striking landscapes of  tundra lands ending with breath-taking beaches with a backdrop of snowy fir trees. Explore the iconic palaces and the Orthodox Christian Churches that spirals up in the sky. So grab a fur hat and enjoy the steppes of Russia in all its glory.

Corners of Europe

St Petersburg – flickr by John T Simm

3. Iceland

Mythical, Arctic, Elemental. Pulsating with natural energy and forces, this relatively new island has proved popular with visitors enraptured by the fjords, northern lights, volcanoes, geothermal pools and the midnight sun. It’s small capital, Reykjavik is the gateway to the explorer in you as you glide around the Golden Circle in search for the Borealis Aurora dancing in the starry skies at night.  Truly another world with Iceland’s moon landscapes, you can find some familiarities in Iceland’s thriving wildlife in the form of whales, seals and arctic migratory birds that will make you feel you are one with nature. Iceland is truly a unmissable country to visit.

Corners of Europe

Flickr by Ben Haresign


4. Portugal

The striking cliffs of the Algarve bracing against the crashing might of the Atlantic Sea is truly an inspirational view. With beach resorts and country villas popping up to the dozen along the southern shores of Portugal, it really doesn’t get any better relaxing place than this under the starry skies. Grab a hammock on the cliff, a pitcher of sangria in one hand and laze gently as you hear the chirruping crickets sing into dusk. With sunsets in their brilliance, you could be forgiven for taking a relaxing chartered yacht to experience as much as you can as you smile and wave at the locals coming back from their fishing trips. The Algarve is truly the quintessential European beach holiday destination.

Algarve, Faro

What do you think? Would you go to the Four Corners of Europe in one go?

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