How amazing that my fortunes turned around quickly in only a month. Who knew that it could be all so easy. And what’s more, how just merely one month ago, I was at rock bottom?


Rocks at the bottom on Brighton Beach

One month ago, I wrote a heartfelt and extremely personal post. I was angry, upset, disappointed and especially lonely. I couldn’t find a steady job, my funds were running dry and I didn’t feel appreciated despite all the hard work I poured tears, sweat and blood into the last six months of 2013. Quite frankly, I was utterly exhausted in mind.

I wanted to forget. Hole up in the comforts of my parents’ house and switch off from the world. It was a good thing as I especially needed to rest. Yet, I was still restless and ultimately came that fated post.

Taking inspiration, it was time to bring a new positive outlook on life. I know it sounds corny but if you think positively about your actions and on your outlook, the universe will jump on your karma and provide you with great things. I thought I’d put this to the test and my goodness, did the universe paid dividends!


Trudging alongside Brighton Beach

A week later after deciding to stop job hunting (a gruelling process when I would spend hours in front of the computer every day) and deciding to let the jobs come to me instead, I got a ping on my Facebook from Brendan Wan of The Travel Pop. We had become great friends talking random rubbish and sparking extremely cheesy banter. He saw a job he thought I would like and forwarded me the link. Opening it up, it wasn’t the job for me in the end but as I went to close the window down, an advertisement flashed detailing a job ‘SEO Executive’ from Clockwork Talent. I don’t know why, but I was immediately drawn to this with a good feeling inside. So I swiftly applied. This would be my window of opportunity.

Later that cold, dank and dark January night, I faintly heard a ping from my email box amid the deluge of rain thundering outside my window. This was an email from Clockwork Talent, a recruitment agency, introducing themselves with gusto especially by the lovely Natasha who expertly ran the agency. She explained and had looked over my CV with enthusiastic interest and would I mind giving her a call the next day to discuss the role? I glanced at the clock showing 11pm. Wow, she must be dedicated! Immediately ringing her the next day, all she wanted to talk about was myself. She wanted to know my backstory, aspirations, what made me tick and essentially the personality I had. I was slightly taken aback by the interest but I was pleased that someone was actually taking an interest in me. Many recruitment agencies simply indifferently ask for more information on my CV, hang up and I would never hear back from them again. She believed I could far and wanted me to get in touch with Mark from lowcostholidays who was looking to expand his team. Arranging a phone interview for the role of SEO Executive, we chatted and it became clear I wasn’t the right man for the role. But there was something there. I was excited. Mark was excited. Natasha rang the next day and said Mark is considering a different role in his team. Impressed by my skills within social media, creativity to think of bonkers ideas, my easy charm to win over the unsuspecting traveller, he wanted to interview me for a brand engagement position within lowcostholidays, a travel company I had dealings with in the past. I was on the crest of a gigantic enthusiastic wave. Soon, a week later, I had a face to face interview down at their offices near Gatwick Airport. I had to prove my knowledge and skills in SEO, brand awareness and create an engagement concept to work with online journalists. Creatively was truly involved as the concept suddenly sprang to mind as I travelled down, exceeding far better than the original concept in mind. I had to write it down. I was absolutely buzzing, the feeling lasted well into my interview as I talked non-stop. Jumping on the train back into London, it wasn’t until five long minutes later as I faced the mammoth journey to Newcastle, that Natasha, my recruiter, rang me to tell me the outcome of my interview.


The waves were swelling like my emotions…

I was on tenterhooks. The world whizzed by as I stared intensely at the chewing gum pressed against the rattling window. This was it. Am I going to be offered the job that I craved? Or am I going to be disappointed again starting off a new cycle of turbulent emotions? Maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I can’t help quivering with excitement at the job that may be perfect for me.

Clearing my throat, I waited with bated breath only to give a huge sigh of relief. I got the job. It seemed unreal.

‘What?! But it’s only been 30 mins since I had the interview!’

The game that has ruled my life for the last six months have indeed changed. Here I was, only a few seconds later, the life that suddenly found new players, a new stage and definitely a rule. I couldn’t get used to it and spent the next hour wandering London Victoria Station in a daze. What was I going to do?

Was it time to move to Brighton Mayeb for Ice Cream on the Pier...

Was it time to move to Brighton Mayeb for Ice Cream on the Pier…

One week later, I found myself back in the South of England. The job was due to start soon and I needed a place to live. Who would unwittingly accept me into their home as their lodger and did they know how annoying I am? With only a weekend to spare in Brighton, I painstakingly trawled 21 places, kicking off first with a horrendous clapped out house that had seen much better days. And did I tell you that there was a huge stench of stale cat’s urine emanating from the front door, never minding the 10 scraggy cats that pitifully mewed at me? Think crazy cat lady in the Simpsons.


My fantastic new housemates

However, by the end of the weekend, I accepted an offer to live with a gorgeous couple, Laura and Terry, in their tastefully decorated spare room amid a fantastic display of Laura’s talents in the arts showcased around the house. She’s even got her own website to promote vintage styles – Rags Revival.

Oh, did I tell you they’ve got a lovely Labradoodle dog? No way that it influenced by decision…right?


How much for that dog in the field?

One week later, I finally moved down to Brighton for good. I was daunted, apprehensive, excited and raring to go. Will this be my time? Is 2014 going to be a year of great things for me? I sincerely hope so. There was another aspect of my life I chosen to ignore for a while. Next year I will hit the grand old age of 30 (think psycho music). I felt the need to have some achievements made before then.

But you know what? I think I’m already there. I’ve landed myself a steady job, I’m back to living independently. I have a whole new fresh start. I can start to plan ahead. I’m starting to date. And I know I can start to relax and be a lot happier.

How long did this take? It simply only took a month.


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