As you know. last December I found myself gaining a bit of Schiphol Inspiration by spending 24 hours in Amsterdam’s very own Schiphol Airport being outrageously challenged by KLM UK, discovering 24 things to do in the bustling aviation structure, enjoying the panoramic sights of the runway at sunrise, checking out if the airport was really deaf friendly and more importantly getting free wine in the luxurious KLM Business Crown Lounge. It’s been a blast I have to say and without no doubt, that if I find myself stranded at an airport, then Schiphol is the place to be. If I was like Tom Hanks in his feature film, The Terminal, then I really wouldn’t mind getting stripped of my nationality to spend a year without ever setting foot outside the Airport. So why was I so inspired to stay here?


Schiphol Inspiration

Why is Schiphol so…AWESOME? Well, put simply, I spent 24 hours in Schiphol Airport, which meant that I saw a lot…I mean A LOT! Each vantage point whether in Airport Lounges, on the Panoramic Terrace, in the many designer shops, drinking in the eclectic cocktail bars etc offered such an inspirational insight into travel life in one of the busiest airports in the world. Different types of travellers would reveal their secretive habits to me, perhaps in person over what I called ‘the singles cocktail bar (The Dutch Bar). But for each vantage point, I was given a delicious taste for potential video making, a skill I wanted to keep building up on. So I put it to you, perhaps you should offer a glimpse behind the everyday traveller through Schiphol Airport. Here’s a video I made earlier. Enjoy.

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