What were my 2014 Travels recently?

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You’ve probably noticed on the travel front that I’ve been quiet in the last few months of 2014 Travels. I became disillusioned with travel at the end of 2013, burning myself out with such ferocity that ended up in writing a truly emotional post about how I felt the last year went. I needed to recharge and re-discover myself. The last few months has seen my sunny and very goofy personality return back to form but with one new addition – I began to wear my emotions on my sleeve. Before, I wouldn’t even toy with the idea of revealing my innermost thoughts to my closest and dearest. Now, I say as I mean it only to further myself professionally and intimately. I was very privileged enough to land myself a job with a travel company at the end of January. Working there for the last three months, it was just the tonic I needed to bring some stability to my lifestyle and keep me occupied while I furthered my harbouring ambitions. I didn’t just stop travelling as I visited various British destinations such as Newcastle Upon Tyne, London, Leicestershire, Eastbourne and Canterbury – all while I was living in Brighton. I hadn’t been abroad since Dublin in October 2013 for the TBEX Conference.

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It’s me with my Jameson Whiskey

As May rolled over, opportunities soon presented themselves to me and as a result, I’ve left my position at the travel company to pursue said opportunities, which I will reveal in due course. However, seeing as I’ve become a freelancer in the meantime, I knew I was ready to throw back myself into solo travel at my own pace and choosing. So here goes, I know it’s a bit late in the year, I’m ready to announce my 2014 travels!


Europe Map

Wouldn’t this be cool if we saw this from the sky?

1. Barcelona, Spain

It’s no secret that I am in love with Spain. My visit there last year taking in the cosmopolitan city of Madrid and the mysterious region of Andalusia actually made me wanted to live in this sun-kissed country. Therefore, as I can fly to Spain with Monarch cheaply, I will looking to visit the region of Catalonia in their very own city of Barcelona! It’s a must destination for those travelling in Europe and I’ll be looking forward to be visiting it in September (when the schoolkids go back to their education!)


2. Basilicata, Italy

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited on a trip to the Italian region of Basilicata in June with DiscoverBasilicata. I’ll be exploring the ‘instep of the Italian Boot’ and discovering every aspect of Bari and Matera such as their culture, culinary tastes, natural escapades and adventures. There’s a ghost tour involved…Keep an eye on this website for further details.


3. Luxembourg

In partnership with the Luxembourg Tourism Board, I will be spending a weekend in Luxembourg in June. As one of the smallest countries in Europe and one of the most varied cultures, I will be looking forward to visiting the Grand Ducal Palace and really find out what lies beneath their most famed record as the most dentures made in the world!


4. Bruges and Brussels, Belgium

It’s the 100th anniversary of the First World War this year. As a huge history buff, I especially will be going to visit Flanders, the site of one the most brutal and most fought theatres of war. Meanwhile, the city of Brussels will prove of interest to me as the autocratic centre of the European Union due to a tremendous debate about Britain’s future of being integrated with the continent. Should Brussels govern UK residents? We will see. Also, I’m taking an opportunity to jump on the popular ferry crossing between my hometown of Kingston Upon Hull in the UK to the Belgian port of Zebrugge, where Bruges lies a short distance away. Bruges is renowned to be the quintessential European destination for a relaxing day out. I’ll be doing this in July.


5. Dusseldorf and Cologne, Germany

Also in July, I will be returning to Germany. I absolutely loved the people in this country with their funky sense of humour and attitude to get things done in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. I knew I would be returning so I will be visiting the South West German region of North Rhine-Westphalia and the cities of Dusseldorf and Cologne. Taking place in July, I will look forward to be sharing you the German customs I will experience.


6. Santiago, Chile

If you had been on my Facebook page, you will have seen that I won a life-changing trip to Santiago, Chile thanks to KLM UK. It’s a South American country I have never been before despite my visit to the continent to Brazil and Argentina. I am hoping to go there just before their summer in October/November. What will I do there apart from exploring their capital city? I really want to explore their Atacama Desert, my first opportunity in this ecosystem, and live like a nomad. Perhaps I could jump across the border to Peru as well?…


7. Prague, Czech Republic

Let’s face it. I’m surprised myself that I haven’t even gone to the party capital of Eastern Europe. Prague is indeed the place to be for going on drinking holidays with your mates but if I’m going to go on my own, what will I do? Er…drink? Nah, I jest (seriously I’m not). I will be exploring my first Eastern European country by gaining insight what was life was like beyond the ‘Iron Curtain’ and visiting the Bohemian Renaissance landmarks that makes this a city truly to visit. What kind of places? I’ll tell you soon 😉 This will take place on my Eastern European Triangle Tour of three countries. What’s the next country? It is…


8. Budapest, Hungary

After a time of sampling the culture (meaning drinks) in Czech Republic, I think it’s about high time that I let my hair down in the Spa Baths in Budapest before exploring the caves underground. Budapest has proved to be the utmost fascination for me being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, apparently. Maybe it’s to do with the 80 geothermal baths in its centre and its chillaxing vibe from the residents but I’m enthusiastic to be spending a while here as part of my Eastern European Triangle Tour. So what’s the third country?


9. Bratislava, Slovakia

I’ll be honest. I don;t know anything about Bratislava other than it’s the capital of Slovakia. But as it’s such a short distance away from both Prague and Budapest, it’s enough to warrant a day trip (or perhaps a night). I confess I just want to tick off a country I visited.


10. Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Ah, Amsterdam. Your canals have not been forgotten. I did come to visit you in 2007 for a weekend in 2007. But I spent half a day with work and another half day in the Police Station with someone, whose passport was stolen. I didn’t really get to know you properly despite quick visits of your museums. Perhaps I should fly from Humberside Airport to Amsterdam again and get to know you better. Meanwhile, while I’m there, I should get a short train journey to Rotterdam, which is now renowned to be exceedingly beautiful and hip. I can’t wait to explore you both in August.


There you have it. These are some of my 2014 Travel Plans. Some? Yes, you heard right, I’ve got plenty more up my sleeve. You just got to wait and see. Meanwhile, what do you think to my plans? Do you have recommendations to where I will be going? Only family friendly ones please. Adult ones? Just private message me…


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