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Yawn. The dawn chorus springs forth through my open window as I groggily turn on my computer. Sitting down in front of the screen, hair matted up on side, I sleepily smile at the smell of coffee that wafts under my nose as I open up the internet window. It was time to work and inspire all of you lovely readers to travel. But before I call up my Facebook page, or my Twitter account, I immediately go to Bloglovin’.

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Why? Unless my brain hasn’t exactly kickstarted yet, I want to be inspired to travel by my fellow travel bloggers. It’s a good way to find out what’s the trend, the best places to go and my best reason, experience with them on their journey. Bloglovin’ is a great tool to keep those daily articles coming through to you simply by signing up to their account and adding in your favourite travel bloggers.

So, I want to present to you my top five favourite travel articles of May 2014. How do I choose them? It’s basically this:

1) They truly make me want to visit the destination I have visited (even if I have already been there.)

2) They keep my interest through different means of storytelling e.g. videos, storify etc

3) They have absolutely fantastic photos

4) They shine their personality through their writing and experiencing their thoughts

5) Or maybe, I just find them hot. (most likely)

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Without further ado, here are my top five travel blog articles of May 2014.


1. UK Travel RoomA World of Tapas: Foodie Journey through Andalucia – Mia really astounded me by accepting a challenge from a fellow travel blogger to eat thirty tapas dishes over four days. Clap, clap, clap. I salute her. Her photography of most of the tapas will leave you hungry for the Spanish delicacy. Meanwhile, she still moans about piling on the pounds as a result but there’s nothing to stop her professing her love of the country.

2. Pack Your Passport12 Ways to Feel like You’re Travelling Even When You Are Not – Beverley showcases this self-analysing post on her brand new sleek re-designed website with the end result that you should appreciate every day that you got, not just the days you are travelling. I’m definitely an advocate of getting lost, being spontaneous and getting out of your comfort zone. However, speaking to strangers, I probably need to work on that more.

3. Backpacks and BunkbedsHalong Bay: What to Expect on a 3 Day/2 Night Tour – Camera shy Neil probably writes one of the best travel articles I have seen him do on this UNESCO Heritage site. With a smashing six-minute video, tons of beautiful photography and comprehensive guides to the wonder of the world, I am pretty much inspired to return to Halong Bay again.

4. She Gets AroundTop Tips for Trekking America with Trek America – Jen leaping into the air with a backdrop of the beautiful American landscape simply had me hooked into her informative guide on ‘trekking America with Trek America.’ I’ve just forgiven her for winning the competition for this trip at Traverse…only just. Meanwhile, read on and remember in the words of America, ‘Have a nice day!’

5. Love Puffin Travel BlogCoping with…Bed Bugs – I bet you’re itching right now. Don;t worry me too. From reading Hayley’s blog post recounting her experiences with the nitter gritters on her travels, she delightfully informs you that if you have bed bugs, you will have their poo too. But not to fear, her hilarious blog post gives you a guide on what to do should you find you have bed bugs. Then you’ll can sleep tight and not have any bedbugs bite.


Pretty great aren’t they? What do you think of their articles?

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