Photo by Moyan Brenn

It’s time for a whole new European destination to visit! Thanks for following me previously on my trips to Italy, Luxembourg and Belgium this month. It’s been a great ride! Now, it’s time to swap the sandals for thermals! I shall be going on a sponsored press trip with Flybe discovering the best of Iceland over a few days. And for this I cannot wait! It’s been a country I’ve really wanted to visit particularly at a time when the midnight sun is in the air! So what will I be doing in Iceland?

  • Meeting a top Icelandic Dignitary (it’s a surprise, we don;t know who yet)
  • A Golden Circle Super Jeep Tour taking in National Parks (particularly where the first Icelandic Parliament met) and Geyser Hot Springs. We will also see the ‘Gullfoss’ (The Golden Waterfall) as well.
  • Snowmobiling down a Glacier!
  • City Tour of Reykjavik
  • An afternoon and evening chilling at the outdoor Geothermal Blue Lagoon Spa!

Sounds great doesn’t it? If you want to follow my ‘live’ blogging there, just check out the social wall below where you will see altogether my tweets and instagram pictures all together or you can follow me using the hashtag #IceIceRexy! 

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