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So you’re heading off the good old U S of A!


Exciting times, regardless of whereabouts in this huge country you’re planning on visiting.


Despite that, we are of course talking about long haul flying and a lot of preparation to be done, so we really ought to check it all out well in advance.


How to get to the airport

You’re flying long haul, so you don’t want to add any further time onto your travel plans, such as an airport coach may do. A good way to get from home to the terminal door is to drive yourself and book a parking space at the airport through Airparks. This is my go-to service nowadays, as I’m hooked on the convenience and low cost of it all. If you like the sound of this, check what’s available at your airport, but overall you will find facilities nationwide, as well as services for parking at Dublin Airport too.


Check your visa arrangements

UK nationals require an ESTA to gain entrance to the USA. If you’re from another country of origin, head to the embassy website and find out what your particular needs are. Overall, an ESTA, which is an electronic way of gaining a visa, is quick, easy and is all done online. Not everyone is eligible for this, and you may have to make a trip to London to apply in person, depending on your circumstances, but this information will be given to you at the time of applying. Because of this, make sure you apply well in advance of your departure date, as applying in London can be a lengthy process.


Hiring a car?

If you’re going to be road-tripping at any stage of your break, or simply want to hire a car to get around easier, then check your driving licence eligibility before you travel. This does vary on where your driving licence was issued, so again, do a bit of research in advance of your travel day.



If you’re heading to Orlando, you will no doubt be frequenting a theme park at some stage during your break. See if you can get a better deal on tickets here, or when you arrive, by doing some more internet research, but always be sure you’re dealing with an accredited and official vendor.


Give yourself time to relax

Wherever you go in the USA it can be a tiring holiday, simply because of the distances involved in travel, and how big it is overall. Make sure you allow yourself time to recuperate, especially after the flight, and don’t go all gung-ho immediately.


Insure it!

Finally, make sure you purchase adequate travel insurance for your trip, and always declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of booking. Make sure your policy covers you for the USA, and any activities you’re planning on doing whilst you’re away.


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