Guess what guys, I’m going back to Germany! This time, I’m on a mission, to find you the best youth hotspots and barrier free access in Germany’s swankiest city, Dusseldorf!


Photo by mSz_Hindo

I’ve been challenged by the German National Tourism Office (on the wave of jubilation from the World Cup) to show you how, I (this handsome creature), can demonstrate to you between 17th – 20th July 2014:

1) The ease of independent travel around Dusseldorf from a personal perspective with restricted hearing #BarrierFreeGermany

2) The innovative, helpful and remarkable activities and inspirational experiences in Düsseldorf that can be found here. #YouthHotspotsGermany

Challenged accepted! I cannot wait to visit Dusseldorf  as I’ve heard from many friends and travel bloggers about how fantastic the industrial turned bohemian city has delighted tourists and locals alike on the travel scene with many engaging activities and inspirational experiences to enjoy. Not only the German National Tourism Office has challenged me but I will be taking suggestions from them to enjoy my city break that would appeal to you who are young and independent.

But I also want to hear from YOU about what I should do in Dusseldorf. Should I do anything daring? Naughty? Party at your favourite bar? Eat at a certain establishment? I want your recommendations pouring in to help me make my stay a fantastic one! If you’re lucky, then I’ll be crediting you with the recommendation and showing you a picture of me doing said recommendation. Are you up for the challenge with me?


So what’s my timetable for the long weekend break? The German National Tourism Office has given me a list of suggested activities along side my bookings. What do you think to them?


Thursday 17th July

I arrive in Dusseldorf International Airport at approx 9am. The I will be checking into the Dusseldorf City Hostel after finding my way there via Public Transport


Suggested day activities:

  • Hop-on Hop Off Bus Tour
  • Panorama Boat Ride
  • Stroll through the Old Town


Night time activities

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Friday 18th July

Suggested morning activities:  

  • Visit the Japanese Quarter along Immermannstraße
  •  Visit Toykio, a shop, gallery and cafe
  • Café Frida in the quarter Bilk
  • Visit Ackerstraße in the quarter Flingern


Private Lunch


Suggested afternoon activities:


Suggested night-time activities:

  • Fireworks by the River


Saturday 19th July

 Suggested morning activities:

  • Visit the Rhine Tower
  • Visit of the museum of Quadriennale Düsseldorf, which is a great festival of fine arts occurring every four years with the participation of Düsseldorf’s leading museums, exhibition venues, and the Art Academy.


Suggested afternoon activities: 


Suggested evening activities:

  • After 4pm: Quadriennale-Night – The Performance Night will offer a diverse programme from dance performances to lectures.


Sunday 20th July

In the morning I’ll be checking out from the Hostel. But my flight is not til the evening. What do you think I should do?


So here you have it, my itinerary for my Dusseldorf City Break. If you have any ideas, why not leave a comment below or perhaps even leave me a tweet with the hashtag #RexyDorf. I look forward to hearing what you say!

See you soon in Dusseldorf!


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