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For the next four days, I will be at a German Destination I have never visited before. It’s Dusseldorf! As the capital of the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia in West Germany, I’ve heard it’s swanky, cool, hip and what’s more…sexy. What does that mean if it’s sexy? There’s going to be a Rexy visiting! (see, clever pun) As the centre for unique architectural designs, a hot bed of fashion, a dynamic Youth Hotspot and a rising reputation of international prestige, it’s no wonder that the German National Tourism Office is so keen to send me there to discover the delights and interesting experiences that the city has to offer.

I’ll be experiencing quite a few activities recommended to me by various people on twitter and also the tourism office in Dusseldorf. They include the biggest funfair on the River Rhine, a sightseeing tour of the Media Harbour full of quirky buildings and what’s more there’s an interesting festival going on there over the weekend… if you would like to know more about my itinerary, why not check out my article here?

Not only that, I’ll be getting to grips how Dusseldorf has made themselves a #BarrierFreeGermany city. Could the city cater to my deafness? We shall soon see.

Sounds great doesn’t it? If you want to follow my ‘live’ blogging there, just check out the social wall below where you will see altogether my tweets and instagram pictures all together or you can follow me yours truly using the hashtags #RexyDorf, #YouthHotspotsGermany or #BarrierFreeGermany.



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