Wow, I’ll tell you this. The last Six Weeks of Summer 2014 is shaping up to be one of the best in my 28 years on this Earth. It’s also been so busy that I’ve not had a chance to be duly diligent on my baby that is RexyEdventures because I’m just so busy travelling! But that’s good as I have so much to talk to you about! As you can see, I’ve just started to post articles about my time in the beautiful Italian region of Basilcata and you know what? There’s so much more to come from there. But what about the other destinations that I have been to? Let me tell you.


The Last Six Weeks of Summer


Basilicata, Italy

Six Weeks of Summer

Kickstarting my first six weeks of Summer was the Southern Italian Region of Basilicata. I went on a blog trip with Discover Basilicata and I definitely discovered a whole range of delights including a bizarre folk festival, delicious Italian Pasta (Mmmmm!), flying skyhigh on a zipline and loads more! Already I have shown you why I think their city of Matera should win the 2019 European Capital of Culture.


The Shard, London, UK

Six Weeks of Summer

I was invited by The View From the Shard to check out the sights of London from high above on their observation deck on the highest building of the capital of the United Kingdom. Dressed smartly, I took a friend with me and we had fun spotting landmarks using their interactive guides and of course, with a glass of Mimosas!


Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Six Weeks of Summer

As the sixth smallest country in the world, Luxembourg has always interested me since from a young age. How can a small country be viewed as crucially important in Europe? Luckily, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office agreed with me. So for a weekend, I explored Luxembourg City with the help of a Luxembourg City Card and checked out the Old Town and the modern European Quarter. The city pleasantly surprised me and I view Luxembourg as one of the top destinations in Europe that you should visit. I’ll tell you more soon…


Bruges, Belgium

Six Weeks of Summer

I have been to Belgium before on school history trips but I never really been with my travelling hat on. So, I decided to take a popular route with P&O Ferries from my hometown of Kingston Upon Hull to Bruges! As a tourist rammed city on a weekend, Bruges really showed me a side I wasn’t familiar with…


Ghent, Belgium

Six Weeks of Summer

Escaping from Bruges, I was truly astounded by the old capital of Flanders, Ghent! My first evening exploring Ghent definitely has to be one of the special times I’ve had in 2014. Beautiful, picturesque and just so goddamn lovely! In fact, I’m serious when I say Ghent is the European city I would live in. Exploring its history, beers and its gorgeous Flemish architecture and canals, I really want to say thanks to Visit Flanders for suggesting Ghent. I love Ghent enough that I will be writing so much about it!


Brussels, Belgium

Six Weeks of Summer

I think Brussels unfairly has a reputation for being boring. It’s anything but! As my final Belgian destination in my week-long trip in Belgium, Brussels really showcased to me the best of the country. The three-hour walking tour I took with Sandeman New Europe Tours would unarguably one of the best I have been on. That’s saying something as I have already been on 53 walking tours. I met up with Jerick of 25 Travels here and we explored the best Belgian beers on offer. I also met up with Teresa of LadyPingPing and we loved having Mussels, Waffles, Frites and so on! The food here is gorgeous! As you can see there’s a lot to talk about. You’ll see.


The Skies Above Humberside, UK

Six Weeks of Summer

Celebrating KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ 95th Birthday, I was invited to take part in an exclusive experience at Humberside Airport, my local airport. It was to fly a 75-year-old original Dakota DC-3 plane that saw action in Operation Market Garden in WW2 and was the official plane of the Dutch Royal Family before it retired. It was a brilliant event and I couldn’t help but marvel at the low-flying altitudes over Humberside offering panoramic views of the Humber Bridge and the city of Hull. Check out my photos on my instagram account.



Six Weeks of Summer

Now, this was a destination that had me jumping for joy. Even saying the word ‘Iceland’ has excitable tingles running my spine. You could imagine my happiness when I was selected to take part in press trip with Flybe celebrating the inauguration of flights from Birmingham Airport to Reykjavik in the summer. I’m pretty sure you must have experience my utmost joy through my social media networks. I went snowmobiling on glaciers, chilled out in a hot lagoon, met the Icelandic President, experienced the best of Reykjavik and plenty more. Just watch this space.


Dusseldorf, Germany

Six Weeks of Summer

As I write this, I’ve just got back from the arty city of Dusseldorf in Germany. Highlighting the best Youth Hotspots and Deaf Barrier Free places in the city, Dusseldorf surprised me how accessible and happening this international city really is. With the Biggest FunFair on the Rhine taking place at the same time, it was a truly interesting experience as I explored the Old Town, the parks, the youth hostel and the best landmarks. I can really definitely see why the German National Tourism Office really wanted me to see the city.


So six countries in six weeks? That’s a good effort if you ask me. What this also means that I’ve got a lot to write about. So how will I go about this? I will be breaking my rule for the next six weeks by mixing up all the articles rather than in chronological order. I’m a rebel like that. So, expect a lot on Iceland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK to hit your email inbox. Do you need to sign up? Just put in your email address in the subscribe box on the sidebar to the right.


The Next Six Weeks of Summer

Ah, summer’s not over yet. There’s still at least six weeks of summer and I’m still travelling around discovering new countries and new destinations. So where will I be going?


Different corners of England

When you reach to my old age of 28, you’ll start to be getting invites in the post. These are wedding invitations. A lot of my friends will be getting married over the summer and I’m privileged to be attending them. Also, I’m viewing this as a chance to explore the different corners of England in greater detail. They include the cities of Leicester, Wakefield and Leeds.

Furthermore, for a week, I will be volunteering with a charity that’s very close to my heart and helped me to be the man I am today. It’s DELTA – Deaf Education through Listening and Talking. I will be looking after deaf children ranging from newborns to teenagers while their parents will be attending workshops finding out how to raise their deaf children to listen and talk. Those techniques really helped my parents to raise me to be the independent and cheeky person I am now.



Well after enjoying the best of the English summer in July and early August, I will be headed to my first Eastern European country, Croatia! For almost three weeks, I will be joined by my best friend to travel the length of this Yugoslavian country from their capital, Zagreb to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in the south. I will be ‘partly working throughout this time as I’m taking this trip to be a ‘private holiday,’ (Cue the masses saying ‘You’re always on holiday!) but my social media will not be buzzing a light as I would like to spend time with my best friend. You’ll find more about him soon…


Porvoo, Finland

As the children go back to school in September, at the same time, I will be in the quaint town of Porvoo in Finland, just 30 mins away from the capital, Helsinki. There’s a Jazz Festival happening and the town just looks absolutely beautiful. I will be live blogging from here at the Blog House here to show you an unique place in the country of Finland.


Other places?

I am currently sorting out other places I will be going to but they may include Barcelona in Spain, Scotland in the Uk or perhaps even Prague in Czech Republic. Who knows? All I know is that it’s going to be a fantastic six weeks of summer!


Changes are afoot…

Another reason why I haven’t been blogging as much is that I’ve been working on changes to my website. I can’t say anything yet but from the 1st August, the website sure will be different. It’s going to be different and another exciting chapter in the world of RexyEdventures…


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