Guess what. I’m a bridesmaid.

I’ll wait until you’ve stopped laughing.

When my very good friend Emma got engaged a good few months ago, she approached me asking me to be her bridesmaid and would I come to her hen do in Leicester?

Huh? I was flummoxed at first. Aren’t I breaking tradition? I immediately heard that the best man was going to be a woman and also a friend of mine, Andy, was going to be another bridesmaid. It was anything but traditional. And I couldn’t ask for anything more for Emma. She’s quirky, alternative and truly a dark horse.

So came one July weekend when I found myself in Leicester, a place where I lived for three years, ready to rock the fact that I am a male Bridesmaid in front of the while city with a sequinned pink sash on me screaming bridesmaid. Oh, it lit up as well.

So if you’re thinking of having a hen do, why not do some of all of the great activities of what we did?


1. Pizza Party

It’s already 11.30 in the morning. I was shirted up with my red tie and sash in front of Pizza Express on King Street ready to get the hen do started. The bride arrived and we decked her in tiaras, sashes and balloons. The Maid of Honour drew the line at buying a penis shaped silly string spray and knocked it out of my hand in the shop.

Hen Do

So, what’s a little competition between the 10 strong hens as we made our own pizzas, dated each other to see who can toss the best and really, who can make a calzone in the quickest time. I won neither of those things but I remain adamant that I was the best tosser.

Drinking glasses of Prosessco, we all caught up with one another while we waited for our pizzas to be cooked and took advantage of various photo opportunities.

Hen Do

Now, the pizzas came and we heartily scoffed it down our throats after we lovingly dipped delicious dough balls in garlic butter. (Great for your breath, I’m sure).

Hen Do

All in all, it was a great experience that made us release our silly sides and get the day started.


2. Ice Creams in the Park

Walking to our next activity in the searing heat of the day, we opted to relax in the park with ice creams from a nearby ice cream van. I drew looks for my sash and actually, I bumped into an old work colleague who upon seeing me said,

‘Well, I wondered when I would see your crazy self again but never would I expected you like this!’

Hen Do


3. Clay Sculpturing

In the deepest heart of residential Leicester, the Eskimo Blue workshop revealed to us we would be Clay Sculpturing.

Making figurines of ourselves while having more champagne seemed to us male bridesmaids a good idea but we wouldn’t know how much we really enjoyed doing this. So much so, we wanted to make more and forego the evening celebrations.

Andy and I decided to make figurines of each other with hilarious results. Perhaps I was a lot meaner than he was…

Hen Do

The sculpture known as Andy

Hen Do

The figurine known as Ed


4. The Smokehouse

Evening rolled over and the stag do party joined us for our night celebrations. In Braunstone Gate district, we sat down for our evening meal ready to gorge on smoked meats and steady beer at the Smokehouse. I opted for the pulled pork with a side of Caesar Salad. Both were extremely yummy as you can see. The service was very attentive, made sure our drinks were topped up and of course, flirted with us (I mean, me).

Hen Do


5. Cocktails

Finished the night off, we went to the O Bar in Braunstone Gate as well. Here, I drew attention for my sash. A few guys started chatted me up to which I had to say to them:

‘You know I’m a man, right?’

But that didn’t faze them. In the end, I had to skip away from them. But most people with bemused expressions simply asked me why I was a bridesmaid.

Hen Do

So, what does the O Bar offer? Cocktails, cocktails and even more cocktails for us hens! I think we went through all the list, oh dear. But I do have to say each of the cocktails were rather refreshing that saw us back at the bar for more.

Soon, midnight rolled over and it was time for the belle of the ball to return home. 12 hours of hen do fun was had and we were all shattered but pleased how fantastic the day was.

Hen Do

So how did I rate my first hen do. Actually, both Andy and I agreed, it was far more fun than the stag dos we went on. Perhaps, it was because it was different. Or perhaps we weren’t drinking phallic shaped straws. Who knows, all I know, it was a brilliant night to remember.

Excuse me, while I go back to bed with nothing but my pink sash on. I’m a bridesmaid and I’m proud of it!

Hen Do

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