Early on this year, I was challenged by the German National Tourist Office to find the best Youth Hotspots in the hipster city of Dusseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia. This was a feat I hungrily accepted. Why? It was because Dusseldorf was virtually unknown to me. It didn’t really sit on my radar unlike the other German cities I grew to learn and love throughout my travels such as Munich, Berlin and Hamburg.

So at the age of 28, I could be pushing the youth bracket a bit too far but hey, I was still a perpetual university student at heart and if you have met me in person, you wouldn’t think I would be starting to approach being 30.

So as I landed in Dusseldorf in the height of warm July, I set to work straight away to find out where the best youth hotspots there are in Dusseldorf. (You may have seen me on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #YouthHostpsotsGermany)

So after four fun filled days using recommendations from locals, previous visitors and from the tourism office themselves, I think I’ve set out a list of the eight best youth hotspots of this delightful city. Check them out.

1. Dusseldorf Rhine Tower

You can’t really miss it. The big pointy tower that ‘towers’ over the city of Dusseldorf. This, my friends, is the Dusseldorf Rhine Tower. Built 240.5 metres high, you are given an opportunity to climb to the observation deck and marvel at the panoramic sights of the city below whether they include the Hofgarden, the Aldstadt or perhaps even the MediaHafen. Come with your friends and chill out in the rotating restaurant or pop open a proper German beer in the bar. Don’t worry, there’s a lift involved so no need to get your hiking boots out to climb up. Go one even further with your friends and work out how the digital clock setting works due to their displaying multicultural LED lights along the shaft of the tower. It took me a while and the help of a tour guide to figure it out!

TOP TIP: I recommend that you should have the Dusseldorf Rhine Tower in your view at midnight because something glorious happens!

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

2. Jugendherberge Youth Hostel

You can’t exactly call a city a youth hotspot if you don’t have a place for the youths to stay in. Luckily for Dusseldorf, they do have a place in the form of a swanky youth hostel called Jugendherberge. Catered to all ages, disabilities (Check out #BarrierFreeGermany) and all types, you can certainly have a good relaxing stay to make your visit to the city of Dusseldorf worthwhile. With friendly staff and a fantastic breakfast range, also with great wifi to stay connected back home, you will always have a good base to sightsee the area.

TOP TIP: Walk across the Rheinknie Bridge to the Old Town of Dusseldorf when you first go into the city to be greeted with excellent panoramic shots of the River Rhine and the city.

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

3. Biggest FunFair on the Rhine

There’s a popular reason why many people would like to stay in Jugendherberge youth hostel in the middle of July. It is the Biggest FunFair on the Rhine! Just a minute’s walk away from the doorstep, your eyes will feast on the swirling lights at night of the rides and stands that are a buzz with merriment and joy. With an oomph pah pah band situated in the middle amid beer gardens for the thirsty riders, you will be dancing and jumping your heart out or screaming as you ride the scary rollercoasters on what is the biggest funfair on the Rhine! Taking on the third week of July annually, this joyous event attracts more than four million people a year.

TOP TIP: One of the highlights of the funfair is the grand fireworks display on the last day. Make sure you get a good viewpoint on the bridge with the Dusseldorf Tower in your sights.

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

4. RheinPark

One of my favourite places north of the old town of the city is the RheinPark. With greenery and grassy fields on the banks of the river, it is the perfect place to have a BBQ, a picnic or even partake in outdoor games such as bowls or a game of baseball should you fancy it. Many local youths descends onto the area in the late afternoon sun with a few bottles of beer or wine and chill out in the breeze from the river. If you want to meet fellow youths, why not go up to a group playing games and ask if you can join? You won’t regret it.

TOP TIP: If you need the bathroom facilities, there is an outdoor toilet that you can use but make sure you have change in your pocket to pay the automated machine.

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

5. MediaHafen

Dusseldorf is becoming well known as a modern and eclectic city for international business in media, advertising, fashion and modern architecture. You will be able to see all these in the embodiment of the MediaHafen! Previously dominated by rundown warehouses and a crime area, the MediaHafen has drastically changed into a home for many up and coming businesses in the media and advertising industry. With pretty unique and modern architecture that combines also with the old, the twisted buildings does give the impression that the MediaHafen is one of the liveliest places in Dusseldorf. Don’t forget to have a drink on the exclusive steps of Monkey’s Island where you will be able to see all the shipping traffic go by.

TOP TIP: To find out more about the MediaHafen, go on the MediaHafen Walking Tour supplied by Visit Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

6. Beef Brothers

I’m sure by now, after all that walking, you’re pretty hungry for food. Upon the advice from a local youth in Dusseldorf, I had a lunch at Beef Brothers. Based on the popular Hunsruckenstrasse street in the heart of Dusseldorf, this upmarket burger place definitely will have your tastebuds salivating. Cheap, delicious, fast service and what’s more, you get a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG portion! Even I, who can eat for England, become rather exceedingly full by the end of my meal and that was just the small meal! Upon ordering, you are given a vibrating alert pad to let you know your order is ready. Just be ready to dive in!

TOP TIP: If you are going to lunch there, perhaps skip breakfast!

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

7. Longest Bar in Europe

Did you know Dusseldorf itself is actually Europe’s longest bar in the world? The residents there are pretty proud of this and will make it no secret to anyone interested in a German beer. Going to the Altstadt, a section of the Old Town. you will have your pick of the 300 bars and discos within a one-half square mile radius. Perhaps you can learn all about the history of Dusseldorf dating back 800 years including Napoleon who went underneath a paper Arc de Triumph, hastily made by the residents.  if you’re looking for a good holiday with your mates, this is probably the best place to start your stay in Dusseldorf.

TOP TIP: Remember to stay hydrated. There are many kiosks around selling cheap bottled water.

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

8. Toykio

All that walking around is sure hot work so you certainly need to cool down. How about a truly delicious frozen yogurt from Toykio, Dusseldorf’s most quirky shop in the Japanese Quarter on Immermannstrasse? Buying a medium sized frozen yogurt coupled with strawberries and blueberries on top (I nearly squealed with joy), I spent the next 20 minutes slowly appreciating the wonder. Definitely one of the best frozen yogurts I’ve had in my life. What’s even more fascinating in this shop is that they have their own little art gallery downstairs that changes regularly according to the themes. Definitely something to check out.

TOP TIP: When buying a frozen yogurt, make sure you load it with the extremely fresh strawberries!

Dusseldorf, Youth Hotspots

So here it is, my top eight Dusseldorf Youth Hotspots! But it doesn’t end there. Watch out for another post on another top eight youth hotspots in Dusseldorf…

If you need more information about Dusseldorf, why not check out the Visit Dusseldorf website or even the German National Tourist Office website. They’ll be happy to help you.

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