Exciting news! We have another author for RexyEdventures.com! His name is Freddie and really, he’s a much more younger version of me.. (perhaps even more good looking? We still debate on this). He’s a fellow Yorkshireman, he’s deaf and what’s more, he’s a brilliant writer. Currently, he’s just started his university degree at University of Bath and he’s definitely the one to watch. Meanwhile, to get him started, I asked him to write about one of his favourite places. You know what? It’s always Yorkshire…


North Yorkshire (UK) has always been subject to not so nice weather with rain forecast pretty much every week. As long as you put your wellies on and open up your umbrella to shield yourself from the showers, you can really start to appreciate what this county has in store for the locals and tourists alike.

Here is my list of top 5 things to do whilst you are in North Yorkshire.


1. The Forbidden Corner

The Forbidden Corner is one of the many delights that the North Riding holds in it. It is one place that has entertained families and children throughout the UK. Some of my most treasured memories are held there as a child adventuring through a maze of stepping stones, giant mouths, caves and towers. What made it even more exciting was that you didn’t know when you were going to get wet as you would often set off some fountains which would spray water at you so make sure you come packing a waterproof. There is a lot of amazing scenery around the Corner (no pun intended…), as there are many impressive statues and suchlike to find.

North Yorkshire

Photo by Isabella


2. Brimham Rocks

If you are more interested in a peaceful non-hectic day out I would suggest Brimham Rocks just outside of Harrogate which as the name suggests is a National Trust Park filled with huge dramatic moorland rocky formations where you can explore a whole labyrinth of pathways through a very unusual landscape. I have always enjoyed climbing through the rocks as a young lad whilst my mum told me off for straying out of her sight. I would suggest this amazing place in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales to all of those budding walkers and hikers out there.

brimham rocks

Photo by Brian


3. Saltburn Beach

You might be more interested in relaxation and sunbathing at the likes of Saltburn beach with a Pier extending over the sea and long swathes of beach to play cricket (yes, I am definitely a Yorkshireman!) on or lie down and eat fish and chips from the local fish and chip shop, I am not particularly a fish person myself so I normally opt for the sausage which is absolutely delicious along with those scrumptious chips and a wooden 2 pronged fork that is impossible to cut the sausage with. These are excellent on any day.


4. Lightwater Valley

Alton Towers may well be the UK’s number 1 top theme park but we Yorkshires in Yorkshire prefer our local theme park, Lightwater Valley, which is just as good (I think it is!) with the Eagle’s Claw turning everyone upside down and the Whirlwind spinning everyone around. A great value day out for families for entertainment to turn you all into Adrenaline Junkies.


5. High Force

It truly is an amazing experience in a descent down the winding and twisting trail through the forest giving a whole variety of amazing and interesting views, it is incredible seeing the layers of rock sticking out of the edge of the cliff on both sides of the river creating exciting patterns. You can hear the muffled rumble as you pass down towards the river and along the side when suddenly you are hit by a huge roar of water pouring down from a great height right down into the river below, it is a mighty sight to behold and not one you will forget. High Force is a gem hidden within the Dales near Middleton-on-Teesdale and is England’s highest drop of uninterrupted water at 70 feet, if you should ever venture into the Dales it is one sight you should not miss (I didn’t mention that it is actually in County Durham but who said you can’t just pop over the hills into the next county?)

North Yorkshire

Photo by Franzl Bryan


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