If you’re a budding world traveller or perhaps even a well-seasoned traveller, you’re most likely to be thinking of which rucksack to take with you that will compliment your backpack. After all, you just simply want a day or even weekend bag to carry your things in whether it is your camera, change of clothes, toiletries or even your laptop. So where do you start by looking for the best rucksack for you? I mean, there are literally thousands on sale across the internet and in stores. Will it fit your back perfectly? Are there pockets? How durable are they? Or could you look gorgeous with it on?

Luckily for you, I was offered the chance to review such a rucksack from the Outdoor Look Store.

Outdoor Look

This is the Regatta Unisex Landtrek II 25L Durable Rucksack and it comes in black.

I took this with me to Finland last month to really test it out and see if it really was the perfect Rucksack for me. But first off, I wanted to see if the Rucksack looked great on me. What do you think?

Outdoor Look

Well, I think it passed the test!



When I was in Finland, I found the rucksack to be of easy fit. There were plenty of room for air to circulate between my back and the rucksack to avoid the sweaty mess. Also, there were straps to adjust the rucksack comfortably.

I’ve also checked the durability as it’s one of the most important factors for me when buying a rucksack. I do not want to buy another one after one trip. So it’s fair to say that I treated the rucksack shoddily by throwing it around, getting it dirty and bashing it constantly. I was very pleased to say that it put up with my nonsense!

I’ve walked with it, I’ve cycled with it and yes, I’ve boated with it! I didn’t have any complaints and I was more than happy to take it on further trips.

Outdoor Look



Mesh Water Bottle Side Pockets – In fact, there are two of these. You could put in two bottles if you’re travelling with a partner. However, as I was flying solo, I just used one for my bottle and the other for rubbish that I didn’t want inside my bag.

Carry Handle – a really under-appreciated feature that is a must in all rucksacks. I like having a carry handle so I can hang it up either on my dorm bed post or on a hook. That way I can access the rucksack better.

Internal Key Clip – I generally don’t use these as my rucksack is always packed and it’s a pain to reach for the keys whereas I could deposit them in my pocket. However, on this occasion, I simply used it for my hearing aid batteries.

Side Loading – I think this a must for any rucksack. You can access to any part of the bag rather than top-loading bags where you have to take everything out to get to the bottom.

Easy Grab Zip Pullers – elastic pullers aid the opening and closing of the rucksack. However, I would like to see padlock holes so I can securely my bag on trips in potential ‘pickpocket’ zones. But then again, you can transfer the bag to the front.

Outdoor Look

Bag Storage

For a 25L storage bag, I could fit a hell of a lot of stuff in there. I managed to fit a Bridge Camera, my Laptop, 1 day change of clothes, my toiletry bag, a book and a scarf. If I took out my laptop, I reckon it could get another day’s change of clothes in there with more accessories. It’s really spacious actually. I could have done with a side pocket to separate my things such as paperwork and passport so I can get them out quickly rather than having to take out everything.

Outdoor Look



I would give the Regatta Unisex Landtrek II 25L Durable Rucksack  4 out of 5 stars.

Whereas the rucksack was very durable and comfortable, I did feel that the rucksack was crying out for a side pocket to place small items in. However, if you’re looking for a rucksack for the weekend, perhaps even a day trip, or even to compliment your backpack, then this rucksack is your buddy.

Outdoor Look


Further Information

If you would like to find out more about this rucksack, why not visit the Outdoor Look website? Options and delivery can be found there.


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