‘Let’s go out tonight to sample the Zadar nightlife and bring Jenny and the boys with us!’

Mark excitedly exclaimed as he shook my shoulder on the bus back from Plitvice Lakes earlier on today. Glancing up from the inner workings of my iPhone, which has STILL yet to be fixed, I could see his face was brightened up, actually cracking a smile. Perhaps I shouldn’t say no, perhaps the Zadar nightlife would be an evening to remember.


How to Convince People to Sample the Zadar Nightlife

We had met Jenny and the Dutch boys last night who shared our hostel dorm and we thought them a right laugh. So naturally, we enjoyed a drink fuelled night in the hostel bar, playing card games and pulling pranks on each other. It was a wonder Mark and I managed to get up the next morning to go to Plitvice Lakes early in the morning.

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So how could we convince our hostel mates to go out tonight? Easy. Just follow these steps:

1) ‘Hey, you wanna see something magical at sunset?’ They’ll nod their head without failure. ‘Awesome, you better come to the Sun Salutation with us!’

2) ‘I know this amazing restaurant where there’s absolutely delicious food, wanna join me for cheap food after the in Salutation?’ they’ll be grabbing their coat at this point.

3) ‘Just to let you know, that I’m going to this secret bar/club on the city walls that’s got world famous DJs and musicians playing. I don’t suppose you wanna go to that as well?’ they’ll be furiously nodding and holding on to your belt so you won’t leave them.

So after a quick shower, you better put on your glad rags and be ready to paint the Zadar nightlife red.


1. The Sun Salutation at Dusk

Zadar Nightlife

The Sun Salutation is the clever foundation of a good night out whether you are partying with your friends, on a date or on your lonesome. Arrive on the Old Harbour in the Old Town of Zadar just before the sun sets into the horizon out at sea – a magnificent display to rival Star Wars twin sun sets and the emotional music.

Zadar Nightlife


Then circle the Sun Salutation and watch as it springs to life with a multitude of colourful lights emitting from the glass panes in the ground. Listen to people, locals and visitors alike, draw an excited breath. See their eyes widen with joy as the colours dance in them.

Zadar Nightlife

It’s a wonderful way to get the night started. Sunsets, colours, excitement and possible romance, what could you ask for?


2. Eating Out in Zadar

In the old town of Zadar, you are truly spoilt for choice for food. With a wide variety of Italian (there’s gazillions), Turkish and Mediterranean food on offer, you must remember that the hidden restaurants are cheaper than the ones that line the main street and on the harbour.

Luckily, we had a discount voucher from the hostel for a restaurant in town, so we promptly went there after getting lost quite a few times!

There is no rush to pile the food in your mouth to go out and party. The nightlife in Croatia starts late and finishes late. Simply opt to relax back with a bottle of fine wine and a delectable plate of tasty Italian pasta in front of you. You have all evening and be sure to use the time to chat and banter with you friends. It will get loud later on…


3. Bar/Cub on the Old City Walls of Zadar

Here’s a top tip – go to Ledana Lounge and Bar on the old city walls of Zadar. You’re guaranteed to have a great time chilling, dancing and partying until dawn in this very high-class outdoor club that pumps out the latest Euro-music tunes. Be warned that the drinks are pretty pricey but after midnight, establishments everywhere will ramp up drink prices.

Zadar Nightlife

Greeted by waiter service, we were whisked to our very own table with bean bags and cushions to relax on. Projected music videos played on large white screens around us and we could order drinks from our table.

If you’re feeling brave, you can even dance on their own podium where everyone can see you. Of course, I naturally had a go on it much to everyone’s amusement while I showcased my cage dancing skills (even an elephant could do better).

Zadar Nightlife

As the night goes late, it’s best to move to the bar area where you can watch the musicians play their instruments In time with the DJ beats. Also, nationalities come together here and you can try your luck at using chat up lines on them.

Zadar Nightlife

Our posse had a brilliant night, busting out our favourite dance moves and making friends with people from Germany, Hungary and Sweden.

Soon enough, late at night (ahem 4am), we stumbled back to our hostel cursing ourselves that all of us had to leave early the next morning, both Mark and I would be heading to Split and Jenny and the Dutch boys would be going the opposite direction to Zagreb.


Where Next?

Before sampling the Zadar nightlife, I was pretty anxious to get to Split as my phone was dead, unable to charge. How would I be able to plan the rest of the trip over the next 10 days? But letting my hair down and chatting with the locals and visitors was just what the Rum doctor ordered. Now, I could sleep soundly, little realising that Split’s nightlife would be even better at our next destination…


Have you sampled the nightlife in Zadar before? What was your favourite club? Tell me in the comments below.


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