Yotel Gatwick

‘First Class experience at an affordable price’ 


This is the apt description Yotel has given themselves at their hotels at four locations around the world. With bases in New York, Amsterdam and London, Yotel has become synonymous with airports terminals where it can give customers the convenient experience of being minutes from departures and arrival gates. Proving popular, their rooms or ‘cabins’ as they call it are bookable by the hour with flexible check in and check out times.

So it comes to no surprise that on my trip to Dusseldorf with the German National Tourist Office, I chose Yotel London Gatwick as the place to stay after my long train journey from the North of England ready to fly out extremely early in the morning.

Choosing their ‘Standard’ bunk style cabin online, I was very excited to be staying in my first airport hotel ever.


Yotel Service


Yotel Gatwick


I cannot fault the service at Yotel Gatwick at all. Friendly, courteous and available, they afforded me every experience they could give me. Witha smooth check in service, they were always on hand to ply me with delicious complimentary hot drinks and a wake up call should I needed one.

At their ‘Mission Control,’ they will be able to give you any information you need about flights and transport options.

Purely for this, I would love to come back to Yotel Gatwick.


Yotel Standard Cabin


Yotel Gatwick

Through a fantastic design (enough to impress my minimalist and organisational freak within me), the Yotel cabin provides a flexible smart space to suit your individual needs, Whether you need to relax, sleep or work, Yotel has everything you need and takes away many things that irritates you about hotel rooms.

Walking in, it was such a delight to see this futuristic style of a room and I immediately settled in, thinking I could easily stay here with everything at my disposal only an arm’s length away. The bed was extremely comfy and can easily fit two people at a squeeze. The fold down table was big enough to place my computer on to work.

My only drawback was the luggage space. I had to leave it on the floor and sometimes I had to climb around it. But other than that, I really loved the room.


Yotel Bathroom


Yotel Gatwick


Also, within the room, it was quite surreal to be showering in a glass space while you can see into your room.

With the toilet, sink and shower within the ‘bathroom’ compartment of your room, I was worried that it might detract from my experience. However, I loved it. It was there, easy and accessible. The monsoon style shower was totally out of this world and I confess that I rather stayed in the shower longer than I needed to.


Yotel Extras


Yotel Gatwick


As I’ve always said when reviewing a room that it’s always the small things that make or break an experience. For Yotel, they didn’t disappoint. Here’s why:

  • ‘Food to Go’ is available at any time. You can order from their menu at ‘Mission Control’ and they will deliver it to your room.
  • Complimentary hot drinks are also available from Mission Control
  • Wifi is free throughout the complex and it was strong, powerful and fast.
  • Automated check in and check out can be done if you don’t want to speak to one of their very friendly staff.
  • Flat Screen TVs at the end of your bed makes a truly relaxing experience.


Yotel Gatwick Location


Yotel Gatwick


Yotel in Gatwick Airport is located inside the South Terminal land-side next to international arrivals. Only a quick minute’s walk away from the train station and the main drop off point, the hotel is especially convenient. If you are looking to explore the airport’s amenities while you wait for a flight, they are right there on your doorstep.




For me, I would love to come back to Yotel Gatwick again for any international flights and ensure I am refreshed for my flight that’s just a few minutes’ walk away. It’s purely hassle free and I don;t worry about making my flight.

So for that, I’m happy to give Yotel Gatwick 5 out of 5 stars. Result!

If you want to know more about Yotel, check out their website here.


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