Hull Sunrise

Today, I had my breath taken away, waking me up at the same time as I wielded a kettle of warm water to pour over my car’s windscreen to rid of the stubborn frost on this quiet morning. It was 7.45am and the sun was about to herald its arrival in my UK hometown of Kingston Upon Hull.

This clear sky scene that lay before me was possibly one of the best I’ve seen in absolutely ages since the night started drawing in as Autumn started. This is what I like my winter mornings to be like: the air crisp and fresh, your breath steaming, the faint tweeting off the local birdlife foraging for food, the bleary eyed residents stumbling to their cars for work after waking up from their sleepy slumbers.

So it goes to show that even if you haven’t travelled for a few months, you’ll still find that wide-eyed wonder before you, enough to catch your own breath. This morning, I did, in Kingston Upon Hull.


Where did you see your best sunrise in winter?


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