Well, my list didn’t need checking twice! Is was plain easy to see if I’ve been naughty or nice! That’s because my Secret Santa has already come to town!

Ah, with Christmas just FIVE days away resulting in pandemonium for the entire family, my new workplace has decided to put on a work’s Xmas party at the very exclusive Tickton Grange Country House Hotel this weekend that will see us dressed to the nines and over consuming fine wines!

But before, we catch our carriages, we partake in the office custom of Secret Santas! If you don’t know what I mean, it’s basically a budget sure-fire way not having to buy a pressie for every single person in your office. You pick a name of whoever is in your office out of a hat and you have a set budget to buy a present for them as you’re their secret santa. The beauty is they will never know for sure who bought them their present as you leave the present under the office xmas tree with the ‘from’ label blank. It’s meant to represent a present from everyone at the office.

However, it’s the luck of a draw as you may find you’ve got to buy a present for your best work buddy, your unrequited love or for the person you absolutely despise. But you still got to buy them a pressie. Perhaps you might take it as an opportunity to surprise them, make your feelings known or simply stick the knife in. I won’t tell you who I got, that would simply ruin the surprise!

So, once I received my wrapped up Xmas Secret Santa present, it seems my exploits as a travel blogger is well known around the office as I got a Lonely Planet Guide to Canada!

Secret Santa

Could this be a premonition of where I could be going in 2015? Who knows, perhaps it’ll get me out of my home continent where I will be visit 15 times for a European Weekend break.

Meanwhile, let’s just enjoy Christmas and I’ll let you know in the new year.

What’s YOUR Secret Santa this year?


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