Do you know where is the best place to party in Split?


That was the question I was asking around in Split while Mark and I wandered around the epic Diocletian’s Palace and discovering the gilded streets along the harbour. We had just spent two days here in the second biggest city of Croatia immersing ourselves in the history and culture of the city and we needed to let off steam and party. Plus, we had to impress a group of Finnish girls, also sharing our dorm in Split Hostel, who looked to us our their party entertainers.

Luckily, we knew just the place to go when we arrived back at the hostel, our walking tour of the Palace complete.

We would be going to the world-famous backpacker’s bar in Split – Charlie’s Bar.

Party in Split


Charlie’s Backpacker Bar

Deep in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, a city within a city, lies an enthusiastic and happening bar called Charlie’s Backpacker Bar. Established by a group of Australians in 2010, they have welcomed backpackers and locals alike into their bar where everyone mingles, dance to party tunes and meet like-minded and fellow backpackers from around the world.

Starting their happy hours early and often finishing late into early morning, the staff are super friendly and will ensure that you feel at home letting you control the party whilst handing you a well-earned shot!

With that in mind, it comes to no surprise as all the backpackers we met in town, they simply pointed the way to Charlie’s Backpacker Bar.

Party in Split


The Best Party in Split

The group of us (5 Finns and 2 British), entered Charlie’s Backpacker Bar to find it absolutely heaving with merry-making backpackers who simply welcomed us to their domain. Ordering a round of Croatian beers, we chilled out first in outdoor back alley getting to know each other better while the beats of party tunes floated out to us every time someone opened the door.

Party in Split

But the music soon drew us in and we started hanging out with fellow Germans, Canadians and even Kiwis!

The music was pumped up, the frothy drinks were pouring and yes, dare I say it, there was plenty of smooching going on. (Sadly, not in my case…) Swapping travel stories about being the road, we clinked glasses, taught each other languages, made fun of each others customs and bonding over our love of cheesy Eurotrash pop, we all had a brilliant night that lasted into the early hours of the morning.

Party in Split
Climbing into our dorm beds at the ungodly hour of 4am, I simply asked Mark,

‘What time is our ferry tomorrow?’

We both horrifyingly realised. We had to be awake in four hours time to catch our transport to our next Croatian destination. But it was worth it. We had a great time in where it was reputed to be the best place to party in Split and you know what?

It really was. 
Where did you party in Split? Leave a comment below. 


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