Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your day full of turkey and Xmas Wine! What did you get up to?

Now that you’ve read my 15 European Weekend Breaks to Visit in 2015, it’s quite right that I tell you my  top 15 British Weekend Breaks to Visit in 2015!

After all, Britain will always remain to me the best country in the word (tailed on its heels by New Zealand) so in 2015, I would absolutely love to explore regions of this sceptred isle and continue to experience the true historical magic of this country that has stood for a thousand years.

This last year saw me living in Brighton, in the south-east of England, which allowed me to explore nearby Canterbury and Eastbourne in great detail along with the city of Brighton and Hove.

I also revisited my favourite British destinations but this time, I enjoyed exploring their undiscovered features including walking on the Bosworth Battlefield in Leicester and enjoying York in Autumn.

I know that I need to see Britain in even greater detail. Whether on its chalky shores, sandy beaches, rolling green hills, stately cities or sleepy towns, Britain will have it all to make or break a grand British Weekend Break next year. So where are the 15 destinations I will be visiting in 2015?


1. Liverpool

Liverpool is the world capital of pop, full of world-class attractions paying homage to the Beatles and other extraordinary acts that have sprung from this widely acclaimed city of culture. A proud sporting history and its fair share of eclectic theatres makes Liverpool a true cultural getaway to experience a unique aspect of British Life. And that’s just the start. It’s also on the doorstep to one of the most stunning coastlines in Britain, so I’m told.

So why am I coming to Liverpool? I confess that in May, I will be coming to see the Liverpudlian city for the S Club 7 concert being played at the Echo Arena. But I thought I would take the opportunity to stay here for a few nights anyway and see the sights whilst listening to a range of number one hits that has sprung from here more than anywhere else in the world…

British Weekend Break

Photo by 3Peaker


2. Glasgow

Ah, Glasgow. Possibly the top place in Britain that I can’t believe I haven’t been yet! As the third most populous city in Britain, it may come to no surprise that Glasgow has been voted by Rough Guides as the friendliest city in the world. According to my friends who have been to this UNESCO City of Music, this cultural city (after being made City of Culture almost 25 years ago) will appeal to anyone that visits this city whether it is to check out its vibrant nightlife, paying a visit to ‘The Barras,’ eating and drinking your way around the world here, sampling the whisky at their distilleries or finding out more about Mackintosh at the Willow Tea Rooms.

What’s more, Glasgow is the gateway to the Highlands up north, perhaps I could spend a week in Scotland?

British Weekend Break

Photo by Stephen Cosh


3. Bournemouth

Bournemouth is the FREE festival capital of Britain. It’s so popular that it even has its own airport! On the southern coast of England, Bournemouth’s full calendar is marked with a wide range of activities and things to do whether they are on its award-winning beaches, its busy town centre or perhaps even beyond in the mystic region of Dorset.

Voted as the best British Beach destination by TripAdvisor, I deem it just the place for a perfect weekend summer holiday. One day I could be strolling on its historic piers, also on its seven miles of the cleanest beaches, but on the next I could be exploring the epic ‘Jurassic Coast‘ displaying 185 million years of the Earth’s history. Would I find a dinosaur fossil to name after me? Wait…isn’t there a Rex?

British Weekend Break

Photo by Journey Tom


4. Cambridge

If I’ve visited Oxford, then it’s quite right that I should visit Cambridge. As the historical university wars still rage to this day thanks to the annual Boat Race, I actually look forward to be visiting this quaint and green city, only just a short distance away by train from London. Aside from punting around its majestic canals, I would like to see in great detail the student life within. Catching a student theatrical production is high on my list along with an official guided tour from its fellows and catching a choral service at King’s College. The list is endless.


5. York

You can’t stop this boy from making his annual pilgrimage to the centre of all things Yorkshire! You all know how much I love York but a top reason why I would want to visit York for the weekend in February is the Jorvik Viking Festival. Celebrating the city’s Viking heritage, the city will be transformed to its roots as they showcase fun days, walking tours, family fun events, skill clubs and more. So do you reckon I’ll suit up as a Viking warrior and raid the city for its most beautiful women?

September 2015 will see me come to York again for a glamorous affair as I will be suited and booted to attend a wedding at the Grand York Royal Hotel. It’s a Yorkshire wedding at its best!

York, British Weekend Break

Nooks and Crannies adds a perfect charm to the city of York as you discover secrets behind every corner


6. Salisbury

When I went to Bath earlier on this month, I desperately wanted to see Stonehenge only a couple of hours away by bus. But fate didn’t let me go. So I’m making it my mission to get to Salisbury for the weekend, sometime in Spring. Other than a half day at Stonehenge, only a short distance away, I’ll be sure to check out the ‘City in the Countryside’ as Lonely Planet has declared this city as the top 10 cities in the best in travel 2015. I can’t wait to check out its Gothic Cathedral where it houses the Magna Carta; and the historical museums that reveals to you the best of British history.

Perhaps I could stay in a stately castle? What do you think?


7. London

It will be no doubt that I will be calling into London a few times this year. But it’s high time that I should view this capital city through the eyes of an experienced tourist. I don’t want to see the sightseeing attractions again like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. It’s time to get in the nitty-gritty of London and find out its dark past. Thanks to Travel Darkly’s guide to London, I’m inspired to find out more about Jack the Ripper and London’s creepy cemeteries. Perhaps I’ll go one further and partake in a ghost tour?

But I better leave on a high and winning note by taking in a musical on the West End! I can’t decide which one to see! Should it be The Lion King? Mamma Mia? Or simply Wicked? What do you think?

British Weekend Break

Jack the Ripper tour © Simon Montgomery


8. Bristol

I passed through Bristol very briefly earlier on this month on my way to Bath and I liked what I saw, enough to return in 2015. This city of bridges, balloons, Banksy, bikes and boats has everything to offer the unsuspecting tourist.

As I’m becoming more of a fan of Banksy, I quite fancy going on the Banksy Walking Tour to check out his eclectic and political art to get me thinking. Also, its River Avon has boat tours swaneeing up and down so it’s fair play that I should climb aboard one. Finally, as it is the city of hot air balloons, could I soar high and see the city’s panoramic landscape at its best?


9. Exeter

Steeped in ancient history, Exeter is truly in the heart of Devon in the south-west of England.  One of the main reasons I would love to visit Exeter is its Street Food Market! Full of local produce and warmth, this food market will certainly make my mouth water. Another reason is to explore the mysterious Underground Passages that brought clean drinking water to Medieval Exeter. Finally. Exeter is also the gateway to the other side of the Jurassic Coast. Best to find out both ends.


10. Loch Lomond

Heading back into Scotland, it’s time to attune myself with British nature at Loch Lomond. Lying at the Highland Boundary Fault, Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater lake in Scotland at 24.5 miles long. Perhaps I can go camping for a weekend here and enjoy the epic scenery that Scotland’s National Park has to offer. Whether it is walking, horse trekking or boating, there’s a multitude of outdoor events to enjoy. But for those cool evenings, perhaps it would be wise to visit the Glengoyne Whisky Distillery to put a fire in my belly…

British Weekend Break

Photo by Scott


11. Barra

Still in Scotland, I would love to fly out to the Isle of Barra. The first reason is the scenic flight landing. You actually land on a beach! How amazing is that?! This region of the Outer Hebrides is one of the most remote in Britain and also one of the most beautiful; so much so that Barra won the Best Island Community Award! I would love to visit Barra’s Deserted Village and the Kisimul Castle. The raw force of nature is evident here and gives me a perfect opportunity to see it up close.


12. Cardiff

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Cardiff, the capital of Wales, six years ago to visit the Doctor Who Experience and Cardiff Castle. Last year saw me visit the country from Brecon Beacons in the south through Snowdonia National Park and finishing in the North at both Caernarfon and Conwy. But I didn’t visit the capital! So what can I do this time round? Like London, I want to visit the dark side of this city. I could partake in the infamous Ghost Tour perhaps. Meanwhile, also to keep things light-hearted, perhaps I could go on the Tree Top Go Ape Adventure!

British Weekend Break

Photo by Leetneko


13. Worcester

Worcester, according to pictures of it, is a beautiful Cathedral city on the banks of the River Severn. But the main reason for my visit is definitely the delicious Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce! Spicing up my cheese on toast and also my soups, it’s truly is the staple sauce of my diet. So it’s perfect to see how it is made at their factory before buying them in bulk! Another reason to visit is the famous Worcester Cathedral containing the tombs of King John and Price Arthur (elder brother of King Henry VIII). It’ll be a quintessential English Weekend.

British Weekend Break

Photo by Vgtortoise


14. Grimsby

Aha, you weren’t expecting that were you?! Yes, Grimsby is the city on the other side of the River Humber to my hometown of Hull. Challenged by Leasha of My Trip This Year, who hails from Grimsby, I’m going to visit the rival town and see what it has to offer to challenge the supremacy that is Hull 😉

So what could I do? I could visit the Fishing Heritage Museum holding old maritime ships in the adjacent dock. That’s all I can find out. Can you help me out with more ideas?

British Weekend Destination

Photo by Mandy


15. Kingston Upon Hull

Yes, it’s my hometown! I know it may look a bit like cheating but really, seeing as Hull won the 2017 City of Culture status, tourism focus have put their spotlight over the city. I’d like to see what Hull has to offer through the eyes of a tourist and share with you my findings. The Museum Quarter offers a delightful array of history, culture and geography. The Trinity Quarter has an architectural range of delights ranging from the Old Victorian Arcades to the majestic Holy Trinity Church. The Marina holds the annual Sea Shanty Festival that gets your toes tapping. There’s so much more to do and I’m for one going to prove to you that Kingston Upon Hull isn’t just a middle of nowhere at the end of the line. Did you know there’s a backpacker’s hostel in Hull?

Hull, British Weekend Break


So there you have it. that was my top 15 British Weekend Break Destinations to Visit in 2015. What do ou think? Do you have any more ideas that I should have had in my list? Tell me!


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