Before I went on my RTW travels, I could be often found stalking other travel blogs but what really interested me was the travel blogger behind the witticisms of their writing. Who are they? Are they real? Are they fit? So hence, for a long time coming, I wanted to do some travel blogging interviews and crack them open for their rawness inspiration of travel inside. Think Michael Parkinson.

travel blogger

This guy is a true inspiration of mine. He’s definitely the one to watch on my Bloglovin feed as I keep constantly saving his posts. But when we first met, dancing on a table in a loud Irish bar in Dublin during TBEX, I didn’t even realise it was him! With his warm personality and quietly funny demeanour, I grew to respect him a lot. Imagine my face when I realised, hours later when he gave me his business card soon later, that this was the guy I had been following. His articles are truly informative, well-researched and gives in-depth looks into his destinations he visits. I should stop babbling because, without much further ado, here’s Matt of Landlopers. What a guy!



1. Name: Matt Long

2. Twitter: @Landlopers

3. Facebook Fan Page: /LandLopers

4. Blog URL:


5. Where are you originally from and where are you now?

All over the East Coast of the US but I’ve lived in the Washington, DC metro region since 2000.


6. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Curious, honest and compassionate.


7. Tell us about your blog. What makes your blog unique from all the other bloggers out there?

Well, I started the site as a way to provide inspiration and practical information to people like me; namely working professionals. While I may not still work in the 9-5 world, I’ve kept the same mindset and try to remember that most people don’t have a lot of vacation days and are looking for ways to get the most bang out of their precious days off.


8. Why did you start writing a blog? And did you find it easy to set up?

I needed a creative outlet. I was in a soulless job and needed to find a way to pursue my first true love, travel. I’m not a tech guy, but on a whim over a long 3-day weekend I managed to get the site up and running and even wrote a blog post. Starting a site is the easy part, keeping it going is the real challenge.




9. If you had to travel with 3 other travel bloggers who would they be?

Rob Lloyd (@Bloggeries) Angie Orth (@AngieAway) and Leah Walker (@L_e_a_h).


10. What’s the best advice you can give for new bloggers?

Don’t start a blog. If you choose to ignore that advice, make sure you blog in a topic area that is your true passion in life. It’s only a true love for the subject matter that will get you through the dark and lonely times and that passion will ultimately shine through in your writing.


11. Other than a job, what’s the easiest way to make money for travels?

I assume you mean a 9-5 job? Other than earning money, I suppose the only other ways are theft and inheriting it. If you mean how to save money to travel, there are innumerable small ways, from skipping little luxuries like Starbucks and eating out to a more hardcore savings plan.


12. Where have you been in the world? And which was the best, worst, funniest, most random and scariest?

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to more than 70 countries and all 7 continents, but there’s a lot more of the world left to see. I tend to like most places I visit, but Athens stands out as a place I truly despise. It’s dirty, dangerous and has limited value as a destination. Paris will always be my first true travel love and I will never, ever get tired of being in the beautiful City of Lights.


13. Naughtiest experience on your travels?

Not much I’m afraid. I’m a good boy. (Ed Note: Spoilsport!)




14. Luggage or Backpack?

Luggage, 360 degree wheelie preferably.


15. Top 3 items that you would save from your backpack if it was about to be sunk in shark infested waters?

I would save my iPhone, camera and passport.


16. Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

Skydive, although I’ve never done it. (Ed Note: Please get a video if you do)


17. Best travel idol (aside from me, of course) that you would want to sit next to on the plane?

Rick Steves is a super nice guy and am always happy to chat with him.


18. What’s your party trick to show to other backpackers in hostels?

Backpackers? Hostels? Not my scene I’m afraid and tricks aren’t required at the Four Seasons.


19. Hostel, Guesthouse, Hotel or Couchsurf?

Luxury hotel please.




20. Day Trip, Backpack or live? UK, Australia or Vietnam?

Day trip, I guess. Not sure I understand this question. And Australia.


21. Lonely Planet or Rough Guide?

Neither, I usually depend on blogs and if I have to get a guide it’s usually a Frommer’s city guide. Love those.


22. Will you go out with me, a sexy, tall, dark and handsome god?

Of course! Always happy to hang out with people wherever I go.


23. Did you find love on your travels?



24. Would you go on I’m a Celebrity and eat pig’s testicles?

Probably not unless a lot of money was involved. (Ed Note: So, 10 dollars?)


,25. And possibly, the most important question…Neighbours or Home and Away?!

And you’ve lost me again, British thing I assume? (Ed Note: oh my god, you’re missing out!)


26. Which 3 songs have you played the most on your ipod on your travels?

“Africa” by Toto; “Country House” by Blur and Pachelbel’s Canon in D just to fancy things up a bit.


27. You travelled on your own, how did that go for you and did you find it easy to make new friends on the road?

Yeah I travel alone quite often and I usually like. It only gets depressing at resorts or when eating out. I’ve faked interest in my phone sitting alone in restaurants more often that I can count. Staying in high-end hotels it’s not as easy to make new friends, but I almost always meet interesting people when I travel.


28. What are your next travel plans?

Egypt is next and other places on my radar for this year include the Canary Islands, Anguilla, the UK, Germany, France, South Africa and who knows where else?!


29. What’s the best advice you can give to first time travellers?

Don’t let fear dictate your travel experience. It’s smart to have a fair amount of skepticism, that’s just being a safe traveler, but don’t be afraid to eat new things, go places that seem different and most importantly talk to strangers.





Thanks Matt for doing this interview! If you would like to know more about his journeys, Look up Landlopers!


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