Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? What did you do?

Me? I dated the SIX sexiest Travel Bloggers, men and women alike. It should have been 15 but 9 of them stood me up as travel is their first love. Their loss 😉

Actually, I didn’t exactly physically go on a date with these six travel bloggers. I just wanted to see what they would do on a date with me when I each asked them this:

I’ve chosen you as one of my 15 Travel Bloggers to go on a date with. Yes. You should be honoured.


I want you to just tell me what would be your dream date for Valentine’s Day in your most romantic destination if money was no object. And guess what, you lucky winner, I’m your date, come along for the ride.


Basically, you planned your romantic date out. You haven’t told me where and what I will be doing with you. You’ve just told me to pack my passport and my speedos (or not, if you wish). So, what would my reaction be for your dream date? That’s what I want to talk about. In fact, let’s throw in a competition in here. Whoever has the most pleasing dream date for me, wins. What will the winner get? A ‘date’ with me, all paid by me. I may write about that date. I may actually be wearing my speedos then. Or not. Ball’s in the air. (that was not a pun).


copacabana beach


Dare you to date me? Let me know…

Of course, the chance to win a proper date with me was all too much for six of them as they crawled themselves over each other to tell me where they would take me. I was actually quite surprised that I even got six, I was expecting at most one. (not really).

So on Valentine’s Day, love was in the air. I stood awaiting in my speedos in the chilly British weather and got taken on six different yet equally wonderful dates. I was truly spoilt for choice. Let’s find out what these six travel bloggers said.


I Dated six travel bloggersJeremy – TravelFreak

My romantic date with the notorious Lothario, Edward Rex, would begin with a romantic ride on a water buffalo at sunset on the rugged scarps of Mt. Kilimanjaro. As we ride into the sunset, a small tablecloth appears in a snow-covered clearing, set with a veritable feast of local foods which is, of course, lit by candles. A sherpa is preparing a steak dinner which was flown in especially for this romantic occasion. He pours us two goblets of local rice wine and another sherpa begins playing background music on the handbells. Of course, at this point, I ask Ed to dance, because I’ve been taking ballroom dancing classes. Our romantic date ends with a local religious chant to signify our connection, and at this point, the rest of the night is wide open, and who knows where it might take us…

VERDICT: Is it just the scorching British Winter weather or am I just hot under the collar? I may have positively swooned at the level of detail that went into this date. He’s certainly out to impress me and has recruited the locals to show me a good time.

I’m glad we would be riding on a water buffalo because there would be absolutely no way I would be trekking on foot unless Jeremy wants me red-faced and panting at the top. (No pun intended).

Wine is a huge hit with me and so is a steak. But who would lead the ballroom dancing? I prefer to be the ‘man’ of this coupling and I’m sure we may have words about who gets to be so. And could we dance to handbells? I’d be keen to find out.

And as for the night ahead, with that face, who couldn’t say no?


Nicole – A Life Less BeigeI Dated Six Travel Bloggers

My dream date for Valentine’s would have to involve tropical weather, the ocean, a bit of adventure, spontaneity and massages.

We would meet at the airport, neither knowing the final destination except that we are ending up somewhere warm and tropical. With first class flights, the adventure would begin.

After checking in to a ridiculously lush hotel, it would be down to the beach for a swim in the ocean and massages on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

Dinner would be in our own private area over the water in the warm night temperatures watching the sun set. With the daylight gone, it would be off for a night dive for an element of adventure and then back for a soak in the hot tub with a glass of bubbles, or port.

The next morning would be a delicious, room service breakfast served on the balcony in the sunshine

VERDICT: I knew I would already be in love with Nicole the moment she opened her mouth. Her kiwi accent will make me melt as I become content in the knowledge that she hails from my favourite place in the world – New Zealand. So, I would be commanded by her to meet at the airport and shown to our first class flight seats where I would be enraptured by basking in luxury. I’m now a luxury backpacker so it’s certainly thumbs up from me!

Any excuse to wear my speedos, we would frolic in the surf, only she would have to be my guide as I won’t have my hearing aids in. Perhaps she’ll save me from man eating sharks? But we’ll hold each other’s hands as we partake in a night dive, watching luminous fish swim cosily towards us. I have a slight phobia of fish ever since I was covered entirely by a shoal but I’m sure adventurous Nicole will sheath a dagger ala Ursula from James Bond to protect me.

Back on land, a hot tub is certainly a memorable way to end the evening and it was be pure luxury personified when we toast champagne glasses to each other. I just love relaxing my muscles and perhaps if she threw in a massage, she may clinch the perfect date?

So, this date is all about relaxation and adventure with the wonderful Nicole. Can we go again?


I Dated Six Travel BloggersNeil – Backpacks and Bunkbeds

A date with Ed Rex, oh dear lord!

Right, first things first I’m going to need a drink in order to survive this, so some kind of champagne breakfast to start the day seems like a good idea. Where? Let’s say London, in a restaurant/bar high above the city, looking down over its vibrant and bustling centre.After breaky we could take a stroll down Embankment, check out some of the street art and watch the skateboarders for a while, maybe we could even give it a try ourselves … in a group lesson, can’t have Ed getting too handsy so early in the day.  He might find himself going for a dip in the Thames if he tries anything.Lunch could be at any number of pop up food stalls or London markets, we might even challenge each other to an eating contests of sorts.

The afternoon and evening could be spent taking in a show and topping up the alcohol levels at any number of traditional London Pubs.  A late night trip to Brick Lane and a curry could also be in order, depending on whether Ed can keep up or not.

Come the end of the date, I can make a swift exit and just hop on the underground home.  Ed can enjoy the long bus ride back up north and reflect on his efforts for the day.  Cheers buddy!

Who said Romance was dead?


VERDICT: Ah, isn’t Neil sweet under that grumpy and awkward persona? In fact, that has just endeared me more to this gorgeous David Tennant lookalike. Secretly, I know he’s in love with me and his bravado is just a way to cope with his burgeoning desire for me. But ever a British gentleman, we don’t do anything on the first date.

A champagne breakfast sounds like a good start to the day as any especially high above the skyline of London. Maybe The View From The Shard? I’ve never skateboarded properly so I would pretty keen to learn from the maestro that is Neil. Although, there would be times I’ll ask to hold on to him or catch me if I fall. It’s not my fault where I would land my hands on whether on his perky bum or his washboard stomach.

I do love pop up food stalls so perhaps we would be visiting the Urban Food Festival in Shoreditch. Traditional London pubs may be the scene for a good relaxed date but on a first date, I would probably expect something better. We’ve gone from the Shard to this?

But luckily, he saved it by going to one of my favourite places in London – Brick Lane. Ever since I went on the Eating London Tour of Eating Europe, I’m always visiting Beigel Bagel for that delicious salted beef snack.

Don’t worry, Neil, I can certainly keep up. But I’m sure he’ll enjoy me puckering up to him with garlicky and curry breath ready to blow his mind. He’ll certainly reflect on this as he takes the lonely tube home but for me? I’ll be in heaven.


Mia – UK Travel RoomI dated six travel bloggers

Right, so my ideal date would start with a boat ride in the afternoon having champagne and jumping off the boat to swim with dolphins. Then on a beach with candle light dinner while listening to the waves then going salsa dancing at the beach bar with the locals then a romantic walk on the beach ended with skinny dipping. I know it’s very short but aren’t simple dates the best kind?

VERDICT: Mia is right. Simples dates can be the best kind and where better than by the sea front or a beach where I absolutely love being at. I just love getting the invigorating fresh sea air as I’ll especially need it after having bubbles that will go straight to my head! I can’t exactly be falling off the side of the boat can I?!

How romantic is a candlelit dinner on the the beach with a stunning view behind us? Hopefully, Mia could take me to Mantaray Island in Fiji where I fell in love deeply. But I suspect it will be a South American beach if salsa is at play here.

I’ve taken salsa dancing lessons before so I’ll feel good dancing with Manchester’s most beautiful girl, Mia, in my arms. She’s been known to strut her stuff in the dance clubs with men falling at her feet. But I’m teased with the knowledge that she has a cheeky side as we strip off and go skinny dipping in the warm sea. But be warned, I’ve been known to forget where I left my clothes on the beach…ah well, I don’t mind if people cop an eyeful!


I Dated Six Travel BloggersAlicia – Alicia Explores

Oh Ed, I’m honoured to be on your list, and wow, a chance to date one of Britain’s most eligible bachelors.

I’ve nicknamed this the ‘water, air, earth and fire’ date. A chance to appreciate the four elements and admire the magnificent natural beauty around us.

So where are we? Iceland!

We’d start the morning by having a leisurely soak in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon thermal spa. See – it was worth packing your favourite sequin speedos!

After sharing a sumptuous Icelandic breakfast platter, we’d take advantage of the glorious fresh air with an afternoon hike that has an exciting reward at the end – a private helicopter ride over an erupting volcano!

In the evening, we’d have a candle-lit supper before wrapping up warm and keeping our fingers crossed that we might get a glimpse of the most spectacular light show in the world – The Northern Lights. Is there anything more romantic than sipping champagne under the sky at night in the land of fire and ice? Maybe we’ll wish upon a shooting star…

VERDICT: Flattery will certainly get you far as Alicia has demonstrated by buttering me up. I know it’s a ploy but it doesn’t stop me smiling. So where would we be going? Iceland! I’m buzzing about this. I just LOVE Iceland! You know why I just love going to Iceland in the summer.

So, with one of London’s most beautiful ladies, I look forward to exploring all four elements of our date. The Blue Lagoon is truly stunning and certainly offer me the chance to show off my speedos, which is what I wanted! I just hope Alicia doesn’t drown after she faints at the sight. But luckily, we would be having freshly caught seafood for our breakfast to get back the energy and seafood is definitely one of my favourite things to eat. Just make sure there’s no bones in it…

A helicopter ride above an erupting volcano. I’m sure that sounds scary but I just love getting my adrenaline spiked. Perhaps Alicia is hoping she will pass out from the sulphuric fumes and I’ll have to administer CPR on her. After all, there’s nothing more personal than sharing the same breath. She can certainly take my breath away.. (anyone cringing at that?)

I’ve never seen the Northern Lights up close and it’s definitely one of my top 10 natural sights to see so she’s got full marks there and who knows what will happen? Alicia better make that wish.


I dated Six Travel BloggersJess – The Fly Away American

Oh, dear Ed. I must have won the Valentine’s Day lottery to have the privilege of going on a date with you. For our special night I will whisk you off to Tibet where we will stay in a traditional Tibetan house together.

There won’t be electricity or water, but don’t you fret. I’ve ordered up enough yak butter to keep you warm and full until the 15th.

If we get bored lounging around with the family whose house we just broke into, we may go for a walk up to Everest Base Camp or just pick daisies along the banks of an untouched lake.

It may not be the most luxurious romantic escape, but we will be enjoying our undying love on the rooftop of the world.

VERDICT: Anyone who knows me will tell you that laughter is the best way to get close to me and the gorgeous Jess doesn’t disappoint after we laugh breaking into a startled family’s home.

Luckily, we can share the yak butter and again, Jess gets full marks for feeding me as I love anyone who offers me food. Even snake’s heart would do the trick.

I think I’d rather pick daises alongside the bank of an untouched lake than hike up to Everest Base Camp, which will prove to be gruelling, unless Jess wants to take advantage of my weakness in high altitudes and overpower me.

On the lakeside, I just hope Jess is prepared for me to sing ‘The Hills are alive’ that may curdle yak’s milk before being squeezed out of their udders. But Tibet is a nice touch and will prove to be a romantic backdrop to her professed love for me. Perhaps I could be the ‘mistress’ in Jess’ marriage…


So there you have it? I went on SIX wonderful dates with travel bloggers who certainly knows how to show me a good time.

So, I bet the question is on your lips:

‘Who’s won a date with Ed, the most gorgeous and handsome creature ever to walk the Earth?’

It was tough. A LOT of thinking. First, I’d thought I would sneakily tell all six of them they have won and take each of them out on a date but thanks to Twitter, they might suss me out.

I then asked the person who knew me so well. My mother. She couldn’t stop laughing. So I moved on.

I asked my dog but she simply just yawned.

I asked my wingman for his thoughts, but he couldn’t believe I got six dates and demanded to see the proof. Cheers.

So what could I do?

Then it hit me.

I was soaking myself in the bath (with bubbles and token rubber duck, of course) and everything became clear in my mind.

I knew who I wanted to take on a wonderful date with me. Just like that.

How would I tell this person?

Romance needs to start here. I couldn’t just simply announce it over the internet. I need to get my charm going now.

So here’s my answer.

The person who has won the date with me. They will be getting a single red rose delivered from me with a message asking them out on a date with me. Smooth, isn’t it?

But I’m sure you’re itching to know who it is.

All will be revealed.

Just follow me on Facebook to keep track of my dating exploits and watch this space on my blog when I share with you about the beautiful date that it will be. Warning: It may contain speedos.

Meanwhile, who do you think will be my true date? Will it be strong Jeremy? Charming Nicole? Grumpy Neil? Exotic Mia? Adventurous Alicia or wonderful Jess?

Write your comments below!