Hands up if you want to win a trip to New York with Are Lingus! Oh, and also win £1000 spending money!

I have. Actually, I’ve got both hands up in jazz hands style. I bet you do too.

Well, get yourself acquainted with THRU-THE-Q to North America with Are Lingus…




Aer Lingus really wants to show passengers the time they could save with their brand new spanking route to the Big Apple via Dublin Airport. So much so, they are partnering up with selected bloggers who would offer you, the reader, their own take as a real traveller on what to see, eat or do in lovely New York.

And guess what.

I’m one of the bloggers. Huzzah! Can I hear a hallelujah?


But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no, you’ll need to be holding tight on your underwear. Just let me first tell you what it involves for me to help you win that fantastic trip to New York. 

If When I do win the blogging partnership, I’ll be able to tell you and the world what to uniquely do in New York through best and unexpected ways by writing the official Aer Lingus New York Travel Guide. Over weeks, I’ll be covering food, drink, nightlife, shopping and silly things to do on Aer Lingus’ blog.

I’m pretty excited for me.


But what’s in it for you? I’m sure you’re extremely interested. 



Do you see the first picture in the article? It’s actually a web-app. All you have to do is simple.

There’s only two steps to do and you will be an entrant to win 2 tickets to NYC and £1000 spending money!


1) Click on the picture and you’ll be taken through to the app. 

2) You’ll see there are 3 airport buttons, with a GREEN DUBLIN Button in the middle. Click the Dublin button. Just do it now and I’ll tell you why. 


Okay, thanks for doing that!

Now, you may see a leaderboard of bloggers. Our mission is to get me to the top of that leaderboard. If that happens, we both have won trips to New York AND £1000 spending money!

Whatever you do, do NOT click any of the other UK alternative routes. That would mean we both would have a less chance on reaching to the top. After all, Aer Lingus wants to tell you that you can fly to New York via Dublin.

However, there is a way you can make sure my competitors don’t win. You only have one vote a day so use it wisely. You can either vote me up by selecting my Dublin airport button or you can vote a competitor of mine down by selecting a UK airport of theirs.

Sneaky, eh?

But remember, use your vote wisely. You only have one vote to use each day.


So Why is Aer Lingus doing this?


Aer Lingus wants to tell you that you can skip all the US Customs clearance that would take hours on end.

I should know, I was stuck in US Customs for two hours in Los Angeles and that was just changing flights to get home. I wish I had my Dorothy sparkling red shoes there and then!

But Aer Lingus can change all that. Their airport hub in Dublin, Ireland, at Terminal 2 is designed to meet the needs of long haul passengers and that means PRE-CLEARANCE.

All UK travellers can benefit from US Customs Border Protection pre-clearance, which is unique to Dublin.

This means you can arrive as domestic passengers in the states which means:

  • Minimising lost time standing in line after collecting your luggage
  • You can move quickly to your next destination without waiting hours on end like me last time
  • And you can get more time to see good old New York City!

Pretty sweet, eh?

This what THRU-THE-Q is all about.

Just remember to have your ESTA Visa sorted as well.

You might be able to see for yourself if when we both win. Who knows, we might travel together on a date?

Just throwing it out there.


So What Happens If We Both Do Win?


Once you’ve voted every day (much preferred) for the next two weeks, you’ll get a chance to win 2 tickets to NYC and £1000 spending money.

Not only that, because of your votes that propels me to the top of the leaderboard, you’ll be able to send your favourite travel blogger (it’s me, by the way) I’ll be able to go to New York myself and get to share with all my experiences with my readers.


But first. Remember to vote for me through my Dublin Airport button.

And I’ll love you forever. Like totes.

Ed x

P.S. If you still haven’t voted for me, then here’s a cute reminder: Vote RexyEdventures To Go #ThruTheQ via DUBLIN.


Aer Lingus